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The Black Omen is a large dungeon that floats above the world's surface in the game Chrono Trigger. It is a twisted version of the kingdom of Zeal's Ocean Palace that was lifted into the sky by Queen Zeal after the floating islands that made up the magical kingdom fell to the earth and became lost under the ocean. First appearing in the game's 12,000 B.C. era, it can also be accessed in the time periods 600 A.D. and 1000 A.D. Though the Black Omen still exists in 2300 A.D., it was abandoned after Lavos's awakening in 1999.

The Black Omen is an optional dungeon that houses many of the most challenging battles in the entire game. It is also the only path to Lavos, the final boss, that provides any sort of resistance. The player could alternatively skip the Black Omen altogether by using the warp point to Lavos at the End of Time or by using the Epoch to travel to 1999. Pursuing the endgame through the Black Omen is the only way to engage Queen Zeal as a boss fight. She, along with the Mammon Machine, appears at the Black Omen's end, just prior to the fight with Lavos.

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