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Bloody Roar, a Playstation fighting game developed by both Hudson Soft and Eighting/Raizing, started its life in 1997 as a Japanese arcade game called ' Beastorizer'. After making its way onto the Playstation the game's name was changed to the less idiotic " Bloody Roar", and has kept to that name throughout the franchise. Unfortunately, the term "Beastorize" was still used in the first game to describe the Zoanthrope's transformation into their half-animal forms.


Tylon Inc., a multinational company bent on conquering the world, discover the extraordinary powers of the Zoanthropes, Humans who have the ability to transform into powerful animal-human hybrids, which their scientists have been studying. Tylon now seeks to kidnap, brainwash, and breed these Zoanthropes into an indestructible army to reach their goals. However, things don't go according to Tylon's plan - a few brave Zoanthropes decide to stand up and fight against Tylon.

Playable Characters


The main attraction of Bloody Roar was the ability to activate the Zoanthrope's transformation abilities and become an anthropomorphic animal of some form. To transform, the player had to fill up their beast-gauge, located underneath the health bar. The beast-gauge would fill up slowly over time, however, it could be filled faster by successfully damaging the opponent. Taking damage from an opponent or hitting a guarded opponent would also increase the beast-gauge, only less so than hitting and damaging the opponent.

The beast-gage had two stages; the blue stage and the flashing multicoloured stage. The player could only transform when the multicoloured gauge was active. To get to the multicoloured stage the blue gauge first had to be filled. When the blue beast-gauge was full it'd then be replaced by the multicoloured beast-gauge and the player could then transform any time, no matter how full the multicoloured gauge was. Filling the multicoloured gauge did have its advantages, though:
  1. The Zoanthrope could remain transformed for longer as the Beast-gauge is depleted through received damage, and once fully depleted the player would revert to human form.
  2. Some of the damage that would be taken out of the health is instead taken out of the beast-gage, so having a fuller beast-gauge would effectively increase the player's health.
  3. Rave mode [a mode accessible after transforming] and its duration were directly linked to how full the beast-gauge was.
The advantages of transforming were more than just aesthetic, the player's character would be harder hitting, gain extra attacking moves via the circle button, access to Rave mode, and would increase in weight. Also, worth noting is that upon transformation a player would regain some health over-time. The health bar was split into three colors; dark blue is the health that has been depleted that round, light blue represents where your health will recover to [over-time] after transforming, and yellow is the actual remaining health.
Rave mode, mentioned earlier, was a boost on top of the transformed shape that would increased the player's speed. The player's speed increase was an all-round speed increase - meaning not only did the player move faster, but also their animations and recovery times between attack-combos were faster. Rave mode drew its power from the beast-gauge and would deplete the gauge over-time. After it is fully emptied the Zoanthrope would remain transformed but would be one hit away from reverting to human form.

Game Modes

Arcade mode

In arcade the player takes control of a character of their choosing and fights against all 8 playable character, including the one you choose. The 9th round is a boss-fight with Uriko the Chimera, who is a young girl who Tylon kidnapped, and experimented on. Upon defeating the boss the player's character's story would be revealed. If you are at any point defeated in arcade mode you may switch to another character on choosing to continue.

Time Attack

In Time attack the player takes one character, who can't be switched on a continue, through a battle with all the character a number of times. After which, the player's cumulative time will be posted and checked against the game's high scoreboard to see if it ranked.


In survival mode the player will choose their character and fight through as many rounds as they can on just one health bar. To help the player, each round they would recover a little bit of health.


In Versus mode you can play one on one with a human player using a second controller. Versus mode is the only mode where the arena is player-defined and not randomized.


In practice the player could fight against a computer controlled enemy who's AI can be altered to preform different way of defending, to attack, and even to stand completely still. While practicing the button presses are displayed on the screen to help a player see where they may be messing up in attempting certain moves.


  • Within the options there's a gallery containing concept art for the game.
  • This is the only game in the franchise that the characters would threw up when hit by a hard attack, in the stomach.
  • Alice had a secret nurse costume, which could be obtained by beating the game on difficulty level 6 without losing a battle.
  • This was the only game that featured Bakuryu (I), Greg, Mitsuko, and Fox as playable characters.

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