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Bolse appears in Star Fox 64 as a massive space station created to defend Venom. This stage is found on the easy route coming from Macbeth or Titania. It's an all range mode (free flight) stage where the objective is to destroy the Bolse Core in order to destroy the whole Bolse station. Complicating things is a powerful energy shield that has to be disabled by destroying six generators set up around the area. This shield covers the core as well as any enemy ships flying around, making them essentially invincible until it's disabled. When the six generators are destroyed fighters will pour out of the base, shortly followed by the Bolse Core. And, depending on the player's route, the Star Wolf Team will show up to further complicate matters. 
Destroying the Bolse Core will take players straight to the easy version of Venom.

Bolse Core

Bolse Core
The Bolse Core is a giant cylinder that rises out of the center of the map after the shield is disabled. It has eight yellow panels that must be destroyed in order to complete the stage. The core slowly rotates and destroying any of the panels will cause laser fire to pour out. Approaching the Bolse Core gets more complicated as more panels are destroyed, and more laser fire shoots out across the stage. When all eight panels are destroyed, the core will go critical and destroy the station.
The player's guide has a section that explains that the Bolse defense station runs on an unstable power source that supplies incredible energy. A fusion of nuclear power and biomutated energy provide all the fuel Bolse could ever need and at the same time makes it a volatile bomb if anything goes wrong. The core is at the center of this process and makes it a prime target for the Star Fox Team when they assault the station.

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