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Bomberman '93 is a video game in the Bomberman series, and was released in Japan in 1992, and later released in North America in 1993. It saw a sequel in Japan called Bomberman '94. It was released for the Wii's Virtual Console in North America and Europe while keeping all of its multiplayer features from the original game.


Bomberman '93 is a top down perspective puzzle game. Bomberman is set in stages that resemble mazes, and laying a bomb next to blocks that can be destroyed will open up the arena a little more. Bombs blow up in a cross shape explosion, and whatever the explosion hits will be destroyed, including the player that placed it. Power-ups can also be earned to gain greater bomb explosion or speed, as well as the ability to set multiple bombs at once. Also, if another bomb's explosion hits another, it will blow up instantly as well in a chain reaction, and these features occurring in both single player and multiplayer.

Single Player

The single player aspect contains seven themed worlds to travel to, and each containing a set of eight levels. Each level consists of blocks to blow up and enemies scattered around that Bomberman has to destroy as well. There are power-ups hidden under the blocks to help the player through the level, and once all of the enemies are defeated a portal will appear leading to the next level. A boss battle will occur at the eighth stage of each world. Also, for the first time in the Bomberman series, each level is more interactive, such as conveyor belts to move bombs around. Bomberman can also kick bombs as well.


The multiplayer allows up to 5 players to play at the same time in a timed deathmatch using power-ups and trying to stay alive while competing with the other players. The last player alive at the end is the winner, and exclusive to multiplayer are skulls, which make randomly bad things happen to the player that picked it up.

On the Wii's Virtual Console, the game can only support 4 Wii Remotes, and the fifth player has to hold the R button on the GameCube controller while starting the game from the Wii menu.

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