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#1 Posted by SlantedRoom (292 posts) -

Don't know if this thread has been started yet (I'm sure it has somewhere) but I can't decide which class to use. Any suggestions from the GB community? What have y'all been having fun it?

#2 Posted by wemibelec90 (2143 posts) -

Playing Siren first, just like the first game. I like playing female characters. So far, it's going rather well. Phaselock is useful in a lot of scenarios, whether keeping a tough enemy locked down or holding someone still so I can blast 'em. Been switching specs a bunch, trying to figure out which I like best.

#3 Posted by gurrenlagann519 (8 posts) -

I have a gunzerker up to level 15 and a siren level 10. Having a lot more fun with the siren so far.

#4 Posted by huntad (2106 posts) -

I was half expecting this to be one of those quizzes that determines which class I am.

Anyways, I haven't played it yet, but when I do I will be the Assassin and then the Gunzerker.

#5 Posted by Peety (24 posts) -

Commando with high shield regen is fun.

Just lay down my turret if I get into trouble and let it kill the room. Just got to robots and it's getting much tougher.

#6 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

I'm playing a pure sniper and finding it to be really fun.

#7 Posted by Danteveli (1314 posts) -

Commando for first playthrough.

#8 Posted by HadesTimes (887 posts) -

Zero first, then the rest...

#9 Posted by TheMasterDS (2470 posts) -

Siren. Her Gravaton Beam is wonderful. Really great ability, you can use it basically all the time, allows you to neutralize basically any target (with the exception of things that are attached firmly to the ground), lift them into the air, and shoot them to your hearts content. It's super useful and can really help out when you just want to kill a dude. You'd think it'd be most useful for removing a dude for a limited amount of time and reducing the heat while you deal with his peers, but actually it's best to just kill the dude you snagged because it really doesn't last all that long. The ability holds them still and holds them well above cover, which is super handy in a game where most enemies are moving a whole lot.

#10 Posted by Robo (847 posts) -


I intended to play him as a sniper, but I'm actually finding more success with his stealth and melee. But man, he is squishy as hell. Worse than Mordecai.

I'll probably try out the siren. Heard nothing but good things about her so far.

#11 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -


#12 Posted by HistoryInRust (6650 posts) -

Definitely Siren. I rolled Soldier in Borderlands 1 and was bored to tears. At least the Siren in this game has a power you can use more rapidly, and I'm surprised by how effective the Phaselock is against larger, boss-like enemies.

Is ammo a problem for anyone else so far?

#13 Posted by djou (895 posts) -

@HistoryInRust: Playing as a Siren as well and I was initially having ammo problems. Some of the weapons discharge more than one bullet per shot and it was eating into my supply. I switched away from these and its been easier to manage. Unlike BL1 there hasn't been an early upgrade on the max bullet capacity so there's not much to do about it. I just pause and switch out a few weapon varieties.

#14 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1795 posts) -

Rolling with the gunzerker first, I wanted to try out a double gun approach. I do like the ammo regeneration and damage reduction of his power, but I feel so limited so far. I'm only lvl 13 so far, so I'm gonna keep plugging away hoping for a more satisfying character with more levels.

#15 Posted by WolfHazard (595 posts) -

I'm playing Zero doing a stealth melee/shotgun build with some sniping support. I'm loving it, and I named him Foxy Gray

#16 Edited by bybeach (5191 posts) -

I pussied out(sorry for the sexism) and went commando. Roland is how I rolled in the first game. Oddly enough just like the first game, I love the sniper rifle. Turret and closer range comes later. So so far it's the same, but I already have heard i am deluding myself. Still that turret settled the first boss of he game..I guess they were....

I'd like to try gunbezerker, because the combos could be effective tactical (remember that slag set them up and then knock them down in the QL EX..one guy might do that,) Also I'd like the courage to try the other classes, Zero looks like a trip.

#17 Posted by Cirdain (3475 posts) -

If you are making a poll, then make a poll.

#18 Posted by AjayRaz (12678 posts) -

siren. phaselock for life

#19 Posted by laserbolts (5472 posts) -

I went with zero because sniper rifles are my favorite guns to use. I used Mordecai in the first Borderland and I miss bloodwing. I do not care for Zero's class ability.

#20 Posted by DEMONOLOGY_24 (526 posts) -

siren. the ability to res someone with phaselock is just about best thing in the world

#21 Posted by runnah555 (152 posts) -

Lower-Middle, thanks Obama!

#22 Edited by Venatio (4656 posts) -

I'm in Sweden so I haven't started 1 and a half day left until unlock but I'm gonna go with Maya the Siren, snce I enjoyed Lilith the most in Borderlands 1

#23 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

hot chick class

#24 Posted by AgnosticJesus (547 posts) -

I had some difficulty picking my 1st class to play as, finally picking the gunzercker. With the later release of the mechromancer I'll be playing multiple play throughs. I'm playing co-op with my son and he's playing as Zero. He's tearing shit up from a distance sniping while I bum rush mobs. Really surprised me that he's able to do well since he's only 7 yo.

#25 Posted by Tennmuerti (8515 posts) -

Gunzerker, went with the rampage tree first. Gunzerkering class ability basically makes badasses into normal enemies in terms of difficulty. On the flipside i'm not using it as frequently as other classes use theirs.

#26 Posted by bchampnd (111 posts) -

I ended up going with the Commando. I used Mordecai in the first game and had a lot of fun with that but I really liked using Bloodwing and the Assassin's stealth/melee abilities in this game just don't appeal to me as much. I miss the sniping but, on the plus side, I feel more involved as a Commando because I'm in on the action instead of just picking off enemies from afar.

#27 Posted by Butano (1864 posts) -

Played as Roland in the first. Decided to try it as Zero. Level progressing in this game feels a whole lot slower than I remember in the first.

#28 Posted by sixpin (1333 posts) -

@Tennmuerti said:

Gunzerker, went with the rampage tree first. Gunzerkering class ability basically makes badasses into normal enemies in terms of difficulty. On the flipside i'm not using it as frequently as other classes use theirs.

Same here. I've been enjoying the Gunzerking quite a bit. Been investing points into making my rampages last longer to off-set to long-ish cooldown. Also, big magazines are a must. Reloading is so slow.

Playing in co-op with a Commando and a Siren has been pretty great. Having a friend lock down enemies with phase lock while I gunzerk them has made some elites almost pushovers.

#29 Posted by ShaggE (7240 posts) -

I was going to go with Siren like I did in the first, but at the last minute I changed my mind and picked Zer0. There's a ton of potential in his skill trees, and his action skill is kind of similar to my beloved Phase Walk from 1.

#30 Posted by Marcsman (3381 posts) -

Gunnzerker.He's a great addition too.

#31 Posted by Grilledcheez (4008 posts) -

I decided upon commando again

#32 Posted by Lukeweizer (3108 posts) -

I caaaaaaaaan't deciiiiiiiiiiiiide! I'm playing on PC right now because 360 version I received at the 2011 Gearbox PAX panel hasn't arrived yet. I'm going to be playing with a couple friends on 360 so I'm thinking of saving the class I really want to play as (Commando) for that. But the more I think about it, the more I'd rather play a Healing class (Siren) when I actually play with people. I've started a Gunzerker, Siren and Assassin on PC and am enjoying what I've played of the Siren so far. But since I'll probably be soloing it on PC, maybe I should just go Commando there and save Siren for 360? Seriously... having to play games with friends is just a burden sometimes.

#33 Posted by theimmortalbum (552 posts) -

So fuck. I don't know. I tried Zero last night and then made a Gunzerker. I always love stealth/sniping classes, but things move around so much in this game that I almost feel as if sniper is unviable - what do you guys think?

I'd try out the Siren but I didn't play Lilith at all in the first. My 'zerker has the most time played (like 45minutes) so I'm not exactly set into any one class yet.

#34 Posted by jozzy (2053 posts) -

I thought about making this thread but was too lazy to make it into a poll, if I even can now I am not a subscriber anymore. This thread would've really been more useful as a poll.

Anyway, I started as zer0 but wasn't feeling his special ability, so I switched to the Gunzerker and he is fun. Level 13 now. Weirdly enough I have mostly been sniping which works extremely well, especially with a fire elemental one on the bandits. I use the zerkmode mostly when I am almost dead or out of ammo because you get half health back and ammo regenerates. Extremely useful.

You guys made me curious about the Siren now though, got to make one of those soon too.

#35 Posted by DonChipotle (3077 posts) -

Siren. I love it. Phaselock kicks ass and so does acid cloud.

#36 Posted by Yummylee (23512 posts) -

My copy hasn't arrived yet but I've been set on going with the Siren ever since I knew there was a Siren in BL2.

#37 Posted by Cyrus_Saren (553 posts) -

Copy isn't here yet but I'm going with apparently who everyone is playing with online: Zer0

#38 Posted by deox (247 posts) -

Gunzerker right now.

I'll probably check out the Siren next.

#39 Posted by Vinyl (51 posts) -

Siren all the way, dude. Phaselock is the most useful ability of the four characters, imo, combined with any of the abilities that synergize with it (Sweet Release and Wreck, in particular, are amazing).

#40 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

Don't have it yet, but I will be playing Zer0 and if I don't like him I'll switch back to turret guy like I did in Borderlands.

#41 Posted by Alphazero (1640 posts) -

I'm building a tanky-tank Gunzerker. I'll probably miss the turret of going commando, but I'm already digging the health regen.

#42 Posted by Chaser324 (7190 posts) -

Almost all of my time with the first game was with Roland, so this time I decided to try something different and went with the siren. Enjoying it so far, but I really need to experiment with the spec a bit more. This game really forces you to think a lot more about what skills and equipment you should be using.

#43 Posted by YoungFrey (1363 posts) -

Assassin. I played a soldier in Borderlands 1, so I wanted something different. I'm only level 8 so specialization is minimal but I'm initially going with sniping. 2nd choice is Gunzerker.

#44 Posted by altairre (1423 posts) -

Zer0 with melee build and shotgun. Things explode.

#45 Posted by SlantedRoom (292 posts) -

@Cirdain: excuse my ignorance but i don't know how

#46 Posted by SlantedRoom (292 posts) -

Thank y'all for all the input! I didn't even have the Siren on my radar until I read this but now I think I'm going to try her out. The easy choice is the Commando (which is what I was in the first game) but I really wanted to switch it up, so I was thinking possibly zero? But the Siren seems to be the hands down favorite so that is what I will try! I will report back on how I'm liking it after I get a bit of playing time under my belt. Thanks again!

#47 Posted by TooWalrus (13342 posts) -

I preferred the phase-walk to the phase-walk, but I'm still playing the Siren. 
I threw the Tannis head on her, just for good measure.

#48 Posted by BeachThunder (13306 posts) -

Commando; this is my planned-out skill tree:

Whether or not I actually follow it is another thing entirely...

#49 Posted by Tennmuerti (8515 posts) -

Continuing to pay my gunzerker. I'm only halfway up the Rampage skill tree at level 20ish and already with a class mod I am spending most of my fights gunzerking rather then not. Duration gets really long, and cooldown just keeps getting lower.

And it's fucking phenomenal to be always gunzerking, the buffs are incredible and remove the need for a lot of mods or other gear. Not only are you almost doubling your firepower with 2 guns, but i usually have different elements so enemies are constantly getting hosed by 2 elements at once. Corosive SMG and a fully auto electric sniper rifle for example kill any and all boss robots in seconds before it even becomes a fight. Plus you also get ammo regen while doing it, quite fast too which means i'm almost always full on ammo. Plus health regen can keep you going in a tough fight (arenas) way beyond what you should normally be able to survive.

#50 Posted by BoFooQ (870 posts) -

Have a gunzerker and zero, both around level 11. I think I like zero a little more, the stealth attack works better than you would think and after putting a few points into melee I can slice almost anyone in half. The gunzerker is easier to stay alive though cause I already have some health regen and whenever you start you gunzerkingness you get life back too, so its important to use it alot.

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