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Braid for the xbox was a surprising success, when this puzzle game came out most people were waiting to see if this game was good or plain awful but to everyones surprise this was arguably the best game of 2008, it has recently been ported to the pc, most games which be ported are mostly awful for example when halo 2 was ported to the pc it was awful but this game is exactly like the xbox edition, the storyline is about a princess who is kidnapped but the main thing in this game is the gameplay, in most games you will have lives or a life-bar but in braid they do not have any of these two, instead they have a rewind time feature, this is used when death is a certainly and u can rewind time to avoid the death. you can unlock more feature as u progress the game, overall braid is a wonderful game and i will advise you to buy this game,

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    In Braid, you play as Tim, a man on a quest to save the princess. Don’t be fooled by the simplistic set-up and familiar trappings of the platforming genre. While Braid clearly pays homage to Mario with enemies that look like Goombas mated with lions, the game is more about puzzle solving than precision based platforming. When you get stuck in Braid, and you will from time to time, it will be because the solution to the puzzle hasn’t dawned on you yet, not because you can’t mak...

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