Bravely Default Friend Code Exchange Thread

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Looking for villa..err friends! please add me and send a PM to me with your friend code. God friend codes are the worst.


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I'm adding everyone here..

Mine is 0147 - 0253 - 3229 Get that town built!

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Mines is 1478-4958-8715

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Add me too!

mines 4871 4765 7239

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Hey everyone,

Here's my friend code: 3668-7763-2145

Nickname: NeoWeltall

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Hey all


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Hey all just picked up bravely default and I came to get friends from the only gaming website I trust

1048-8625-0980 thank you

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Just got the game yesterday, looking for some new friends to help me build my sorry excuse for a village and assist me in battle with some number crunching summons lol!!

Feel free to add me.

Name: PapaRot

FC: 3411-1287-2772

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#113 Posted by Bobtoad1 (44 posts) -

ZOMG i need friends! I'll send you all my best (least lamest) moves!


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#115 Posted by Ganthet2814 (101 posts) -

Friend Code: 0490-4900-9166 Always need help and friends in games. Playing: Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem and Bravely Default. Hope everyone is having as much fun as me with the game. Happy Gaming Dudders.

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Add me please. 4441-9762-3319

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I won't be near internet until tonight but feel free to add me: 4940-5532-9881. I'll add anyone else back when I can. Thanks!

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Hey my Friend Code is 0688-5250-9512. Name is Kesith.

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#121 Posted by BishopRen (50 posts) -
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#122 Posted by Ganthet2814 (101 posts) -

@bobtoad1: Added. Might want to fix the friend code on the second post. The 5 should be a 2 I think.

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#124 Posted by Rolkien (118 posts) -


I love this fucking game, and it would be rad if I could help some of you guys out.

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#125 Posted by BishopRen (50 posts) -


Added, add me back if ya please.


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Hello virtual friends. I just got this game so my levels are still on the low side, but I can give you an extra heal if you need it. Here's my info:



I'm working my way through the list, but send me a PM if you add me so I can be sure to add you back!

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#133 Posted by bpkorol (2 posts) -

Friend Code - 2707-1776-1004

I added some people at random. will probably be back for more but man this is time consuming.

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How do I get my friend code? Nintendo's site says it varies by game. Maybe I'm just not far enough?

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#137 Posted by Rolkien (118 posts) -


It's your 3ds friend code. At the top of the main menu for the 3ds you'll see a box with a happy face, there you can add people and see your own friend code.

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#138 Posted by ChrisTaran (2034 posts) -

@rolkien: Thanks!

My code is:

Please add me everyone! As someone living in America, StreetPasses are impossible to come by!

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Yup have to get added back, all a bit more complicated then it needs to be but oh well.

Edit: You also have to add the friends in Game by going to an adventurer and using the add friends button on the save menu.

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Adding you all now!

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Adding ya'll as well, Hour Town needs to be rebuilt!


Added everyone on this page (so far), hopefully I keep up with it and add anyone that comes after me.

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@talingrad: @fr0stb1te: @christaran: @bobert213: @paulunga: @bpkorol: @pyrecks: @unequivocable: @ragbag: @tomatogal: @rolkien: @bishopren: @rays_gaming_rants: @sortavolta: @gaspatchosoup: @ganthet2814: @r34z0n: @bobtoad1: @brites101: @arkade_kalamity: @cire147258369: @spade729: @incendia: @alphaknowledge: @revolver: @buneroid: @dang3rdoom: @onikagei: @crazedmaverick: @scraz:

Hiya all - just added everyone on this page and hoping you add me too! :)

name - Boboa, fc- 4527-7735-4382

I live in Korea now so street passes are about as rare as Japanese tourists....

Hope to meet all of you online and exchange villagers/animalx-ing towns/pokemon/dark links etc etc ^^

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I continue to add everyone who mentions me in a comment! I highly suggest that you use the ablink feature. It makes job leveling a lot easier. Folks who add me may use my Ringabel, he's a level 12 Black Mage, and his character level is around 53. Remember that this game has a bunch of weird cool features! Make sure you use them.

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I wish there was a way to do this online or on your phone

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Hey hey! I haven't started the game yet, barely getting through the demo, alas!


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Thanks for adding me Rolkien and others!^^

Just added you guys : @vorpalparasite: @fredddi43: @mjhaylett:

fc 4527-7735-4382

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@boboa: Added you back good sir.

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