Bravely Default Friend Code Exchange Thread

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My copy arrived yesterday, would love some friends!'


I'll be adding everyone in this topic

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Just bought this today #ThankYouBasedSnowStorm. Here's my friend code: 5155-4000-5323

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Great game so far. Gonna add all of you here.

Feel free to add me too of course!


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FC: 0189-9892-9700

Name is same as GB account: MisfitToy

Thanks duder!

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I'll be picking up Bravely Default this weekend.

Friend Code: 4742 - 5420 - 2141

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FC: 1891-1275-7013

I'll be adding everyone tomorrow.

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@rolkien: Thanks!

My code is:


Please add me everyone! As someone living in America, StreetPasses are impossible to come by!

Added you back man. Try living in Saskatchewan if you think street passes are hard there XD

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@fredddi43: I added you :D 1865-0437-3765 MJHAYLETT

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Added you back but didn't seem to work.

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I'm bravely defaulting to putting my FC out there 4141-2419-9044 (long time listener first time caller, etc etc

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I added all the people that shouted me out. Added others as well. I'll keep checking back to this forum and add any new FCs as I see them. Yay! Nintendo friends :)

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This was a great idea! God I love the giant bomb community.


I go by the name bigpookie


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pls add me: 1907-9137-3015

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Ill keep adding as i see them mine is 0490-5179-2724

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Added a bunch.

Mine's 0920-1038-2846

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I'm so glad this page is around. I really just want to be able to do as much as possible in this game, but most of my friends don't have a 3ds and the ones that do won't be playing this game.

My code 1848-1682-3370

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I added anyone that mentioned me or that mentioned adding everyone. Thanks again, now maybe I can crush that nemesis.

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I was kind of Defaulting myself away from this, but decided to Brave in and added most of the FCs from pages 3 & 4 (since the full thread would push me well over 100) I'll further prune old invites if I need to add people who add me

Code is 0731-4784-7692

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Hello one and all! What a damn fine community endeavour this is.

Name: Matt


Now to start working my way through this titanic list of codes.

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this is a great idea as my 3ds rarely leaves my house. added a bunch of you. my id is 2294-4717-7233 add me if you like :)

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Could use some friends for this abililink nonsense:

FC: 0189-9951-3069

I'll add everyone on this page and a bunch after this post.

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This game actually got me to look at my friend code for the first time. Not really sure how it works so I've been entering your codes willy nilly, not sure if it needs to be reciprocated.

My FC is 2191-8137-7584. My name is Zach if you want to fill that part in.

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Added most of the last 12 hours so far, will add more.




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Please add mine to the list:


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I just picked this game up after finally getting through the demo. My FC is 2895-7599-2588. Now the hard part going back through this list adding as many as possible.

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Added everyone since page 4 (and some before that). I'll be adding everyone below this post ^^
Thanks to those who added me already. I've added you all back.

Be sure to add me back! :)


Thanks, duders! This will help immensely!

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Oh man how did I miss this at first!? Copy finally showed up and I'm going to start rolling through this weekend.


Thanks everyone!

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Added a bunch of you and will be adding the rest tomorrow.

QR friendcodes would be a blessing.

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This is a magical thread! I've added a bunch of you.

FC: 1693-2385-1776

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