Breast Bounce page is on Digg

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#4 Posted by ethan (776 posts) -

You know the drill from early CV days ;)

#5 Posted by Peewi (410 posts) -

I dugg it.

#6 Posted by suneku (2997 posts) -
ethan said:
You know the drill from early CV days ;)
exactly =D
#7 Posted by ethan (776 posts) -

Thanks buddy!

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I think this page deserves to be dugged.

#10 Posted by Peewi (410 posts) -

More people need to digg this.

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I dugg it already.

#12 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2883 posts) -

It should have been named Breast Physics. :(

#13 Posted by LordAndrew (13972 posts) -

Dugged. :)

#14 Posted by Giantblue (7 posts) -

Consider it dugged.

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