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Brigador is an isometric vehicle action game currently in development by indie developer Stellar Jockeys and is expected to be released late Summer 2014 on Steam. Players will be able to choose from one of twenty vehicles along with a weapon loadout in order to face off against the occupying factions of the city of Solo Nobre on the outer colony planet of Novo Solo. Throughout the game players will be able to discover tactics and unlock new vehicles and weapons as they clear the city or die trying, then do it all over again (akin to a roguelike).

Advertised features:

• Choose from mechs, tanks and antigrav vehicles to pilot

• Wide range of weapons for different play styles

• Nine different levels with custom map support

• Completely destructible environments

• Randomized faction & enemy spawning

• Short, high intensity playthroughs: every run is different

With each playthrough, the player has a choice of three main ways to clear a level and progress through the game. They can:

  1. Destroy troop garrisons.
  2. Destroy all ammo depots in an area.
  3. Destroy large defensive batteries.

With an additional fourth "psycho run" for players who want to increase the difficulty further. Depending on how an area is cleared, the game will slightly change the subsequent level layout in response. For example, if you focus on destroying ammo depots, then more patrols will be spawned around the next depots you encounter.

Once the game is released, Stellar Jockeys plans to make all the assets to the game available and invite players to create their own levels.

Visual and audio style

The reveal trailer implies the game will feature a distinct audio/visual theme of neon colors contrasted against a dark urban environment with music composed of synth arpeggios. The trailer music was composed by Jack Monahan and can be heard on his soundcloud page.

Hidden message

At 28 seconds into the reveal trailer, a hidden message is very briefly displayed on screen. It reads:

"Destroy any and all orbital defense arrays municipal infrastructure providing power to same are also legitimate targets contractee is authorized to engage and eliminate any and all localized resistance on discretionary basis solo nobre concern (henceforth referred to as SNC) releases contractee from all likely governmental, civic, or courts martial suits or war crimes that may be charged in the aftermath of the assault SNC cannot guarantee this contract as binding under interstellar law but is valid on all affiliated corporate colonies good luck"

Name change

Due to a lurking trademark issue over the name "Matador", Stellar Jockeys finally decided in March 2014 to officially change the name to "Brigador", which is Portuguese for "fighter".

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