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Brutal Legend

Brutal Legend

Brutal Legend is the game that could not decide what it wanted to be. When you begin the game it leads you to believe that the game is going to be a third person action game. It continues this way for about the first quarter of the game. Then the game takes a severe turn to a real time strategy game. It was a very hard concept to understand going from a free world adventure game to learning how to control your armies to attack the enemy. If they had stuck with a 3 person action game I think that this game would have been amazing.

The music in the game is absolutely amazing. All metal fans will really enjoy the music in this game. From Motley Crue, to Motorhead, to Judas Priest, the soundtrack is phenomenal. The cameos in the game are great as well. Ozzy as the The Guardian of Metal was awesome and seeing Lemmy healing people with his bass strings was a blast. The visuals in the game a stunning as well. Seeing a car engine being lifted from the ground to open an entrance to the upgrade shop, to the statues of dragons, swords and beasts were a lot of fun to look at as well.

This review may be a little confusing due to how 50/50 I am with the game. What I would suggest is if you are a fan of classic metal music, rent it. You'll get your money's worth even if you don't beat the game. I found that I had the most fun in the game doing the secondary missions rather than the main story. Luckily the game is short. I beat it in about 12 hours, however I must admit at the end I was just grinding so I could say that I had completed the game. But if you are not a fan of classic metal music I would simply pass on this game. It truly offers just a cluster of confusion gameplay wise and the story really is not that captivating. As stated before, if they had just taken the RTS part of this game out, it truly would have been a lot better.

Brutal Legend was created by Double Fine.


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