Wild Card Race Night Test - Sunday, 9:00 PM ET

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Ladies and gentlemen,

You probably know me as the weirdo who runs Forza Race Night on Thursdays. I've also tried running race nights for Blur, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Shift 2, and DiRT 3, usually on Sunday night. Unfortunately, none of those games seem to have the longevity of Forza, so their race nights peter out after a few weeks.

I have an idea on how to fix this issue. I'd like to try devoting a few weeks worth of Sundays to a specific racing game before switching to something else. Well-loved games might get two or three weeks, whereas less popular or engaging racers might only have one week of playtime. For example, maybe we'd have a week or two of Burnout Paradise, and once that was over, we'd switch to something like PGR4, Blur, or Burnout CRASH! (if it has decent online multiplayer).

Hopefully that's an interesting idea, but I'd like to gauge community interest (despite the short notice). That starts tonight, with one of my favorite racing games of all time:

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Burnout Paradise has pretty amazing online multiplayer, so we should put it to use tonight. Let's say...the following:

Wild Card Race Night: Burnout Paradise -- Sunday, 9:00 PM EDT on Xbox LIVE

To join, send a friend request to Laz PsEG,

and when the event's running, I'll fire an invite your way (provided there's room, which there probably will be). I'll set a few different game modes, based on what people are looking for, but expect plenty of freeburn and even more crashing. Maybe we can help with achievements or something! I don't know!

We'll see if this idea has legs. If so, I'll put together a more official topic for Wild Card Race Night within the next few weeks.

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Your hubcaps shall be mine PeeSeg.

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FINALLY a Wild Card race night thing. Awesome. :D I don't have this game, but I'll be sure to show up for the titles I do have.

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#4 Posted by slowbird (1905 posts) -

Darn it, now I really regret constantly procrastinating my renewal of Xbox Live.

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We're rolling with Burnout Paradise right NOW! Feel free to join me through the details in the original post, or simply find my game in Burnout Paradise when I open it up here soon.

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Man, that sounds fun...Oh, 360? Never mind... Eh, just kidding. You guys have fun! I got the game and a bunch of DLC for $13 on PSN, I have no complaints. 

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Huh, turns out I don't have the Diamond P12. One needs to have all 500 challenges done in order to get it. DAMN THOSE LAST SEVEN CHALLENGES!!!

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I'm sorry to have missed this. Bet it was good.

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I would be up for this but it's at 2am my time :'(

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Bumping this so people are aware.

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Oh I thought this was a one time deal. If I knew this was going to be series I would have more visibly promoted it.

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@ZombiePie: Yeah, Laz wants it to be a regular thing. As of last week, he wanted to do Paradise again since he made this thread so late in the day. I don't know where he is so I went and bumped it.

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Was busy dealing with other stuff over the weekend/watching football, so I neglected to bump this.

But yes, we'll give this another try tonight. Anyone/everyone is welcome, and it's more Burnout Paradise for now. I'll probably try this for the next couple of weeks until this proves itself to be something that could possibly work, or it dies off.

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