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Buzz Buzz is seen in the very beginning of Earthbound, when Porky, his brother Picky, and Ness investigate a meteor. Buzz Buzz emerges from it and tells Ness that he is one of the Chosen Childen and must stop Giygas. On the way back to taking Porky and Picky back to the safety of their own homes, the group is ambushed by a Starman Jr. In this battle, Buzz Buzz displays his ability to use PSI powers and deal damage. After the battle, Buzz Buzz is exhausted, this shows just how hard he has worked to reach Ness and get him started on his adventure.

When Ness goes to Porky and Picky's house to drop them off, their mother, Lardna Minch kills Buzz Buzz. In his dying words, he tells Ness about the 8 "Your Sanctuarys" and gives him the Sound Stone.

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