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Fresh war and MODERN

The most downloaded and highly anticipated game ever talked about (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare) is finally here and is the #1 game that we think it to be or is it a war bes left at stores. The story starts off as you being a soilder being assigned to a crew that believes you are a joke and takes you through a drill test and shock them by your demolition skills. Afterwords your set on your on your first mission to grab paper work over the war enemy General Zamhoroff. Once that's complete he hosts a live viewing through a camera running through the american television for every one to see and he executes the President of the United states and that's where the story takes off by tracking the General down and taking him out. Along the way you find obstacles and yo finally find shoot him and he so happens to still be alive so you search once again for him. The ganeplay in  Call of Duty 4 is the great first person shooter you would expect it to be and theonline multiplayer s just the icing on the cake. The erver's for online can support the worst of connections from any player and was voted most addictive multiplayer game yet. The visuals are superb and the most photo realistic on and game anybody has ever seen. The different voices and envrionment animation are perfect, with beautiful grass and tree's to facial features and armor details. The intensity of the game is hard to have music in but they squeezed in music that fits this war just fine. Overall this is the best addition to the franchise of Call of Duty and probably the best war game ever created.

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