mrfizzy's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Xbox 360) review

Wait... This isn't World War 2!!!!

Ok... Im going to say this straight off the bat... If you have Xbox LIVE, and don't own this game, go out and buy it. Like, right now!

Ok so if you havent listened to me for some strange reason and still havent gone and bought this game yet, im now going to tell you exactly why you should. So lets kick things off with the single player.

Single Player:
Ok this games single player is good... very very good. Lots of different guns, lots of kick ass environments and some very scary realism.
So the first thing that your going to notice is that Call of Duty aint set in WW2 anymore. Yes, finaly somebody has realised that WW2 has been done to death and so Call of Duty has gone modern!!! So the game is set in a near future conflict that is basicly WW3. You start out as fighting for the British SAS and later the United States Marine Corps against the enemy forces of a Russia and an anonymous Arab nation. The game's graphics are great along with its sound effects and level design. Once again you wont be fighting alone in COD4. You will always be part of a team whether it is the small and exclusive SAS or the large Marine Invasion force. You will also be accompanied by the occasional special vehicle. Charging through a desert city as a marine accompanied by an A1M1 Abrams tank is a very cool experience.
The only downside to the entire single player is the lengh. With the whole thing taking around only 5 hours of fairly constant play. Call of Duty 4's single player is simply not long enough. However it is easy to overlook the lengh as there is simply so many cool moments in this game that it makes it all worth while.

Ok... the multiplayer is where this game truly shines. The game contains both split screen multiplayer as well as supporting Xbox LIVE. The multiplayer maps are modified versions taken from the single player campaign. One of thing that realy sets this game's multiplayer apart is that whilst the game contains set classes, such as assault, demo, sniper etc. it is also possible to creat your own class. This involves choosing a primary weapon, secondary, and then 3 perks. The weapons are taken from the single player game and there is a great variety with more and more being unlocked as you are promoted. The perks offer interesting twists to the standard multiplayer gameplay. For example the last stand perk gives the player a chance to extract revenge on their enemys by allowing the player to retain one point of health whilst putting the player on their back and only letting them use their pistols. The perks offer interesting new ways to play the multiplayer.

Wrap Up:
So all in all Call of Duty 4 delievers the tired and stale WW2 shooter, kicking and screaming, into the modern age. The game has flawless sound and graphics and an entertaining, albeit short, single player campaign. This combined with the game's insane multiplayer results in one of the best first person shooters ever to come out on the Xbox 360.     

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