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Infinity Ward delivers another masterpiece that furnishes the bes

  • Difficulty: Just Right
  • Time Spent: 10 to 20 Hours
"Great multiplayer"

Call of Duty 4 delivers fabulous multiplayer that takes fun to the next level. With different type of game modes this FPS game lives up to the hype and makes up for the previous version COD3. This game has amazing and simple controls which make it effective for any player to advance there kills. The prestige mode challenges players to regain challenges and points and losing all attachment just for a higher rank. Though people have mixed feelings about this mode. Prestige mode is very interesting and many prefer to go through with it. Call of Duty 4 is the best game in 2007 hands down. With new Variety maps this game continues to evolve rapidly. This game is the number 1 game played on both consoles 360 and PS3. And Second on PC. The PS3 CONTROL itself is perfect R3 to knife L2 and R2 for grenades and the main crouch and etc controls. This game has limited strategy besides the perk setup which can influence your performance in different maps.
Posted by phatkav

Great game, addictive multiplayer. Just too spammy with the damn helis and airstrikes.

Posted by Falkien

Some people actually like that preferred when they get it lol

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