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Call of Duty 4 Weaponry Review

    One of my favorite aspects of Call of Duty 4 is the huge arrangement of weapon choice, and what can be done with them.  In no other game can you customize your guns to the same extent as CoD4.  Not only is the amount of choice amazing, but the work Infinity Ward put into making the weapons realistic is mind-boggling.  The distinct sound of each individual weapon to the way they are handled displays this commitment to excellence that makes CoD4 so enjoyable. 

    Customization: so much to choose from.  SMG's? Snipers? Assault Rifles? Shotguns? There all here.  Each can be outfitted with different attachments that match any style of play.  Whether you need a grenade launcher, a red dot sight, and magnifying scope, or a silencer, you're taken care of.  These variations affect how the weapon is operated, and each have a benefit that is utilized at the expense of a weakness.  For example, if you attach a silencer to your weapon, you can't be seen on radar.  But, now your bullets do less damage and don't go as far.  This kind of give-and-take set up is what makes weapon customization so fun.

    Sound: you know what kind of rifle that guy is shooting from across the map.  It's crazy how  the sound of each weapon is so distinct and realistic.  A person can tell whether they're being shot at by a .50 Cal or a P90 just by the sound of the report from that weapon, and therefore can react in a suitable manner. 

    Realness: omg this is like r/l.  Almost everything about the weapons in CoD4 can be considered realistic.  One simple example is the weight of each weapon.  For instance, if you're walking around with an M9 pistol, you can aim down the sight and still walk and look around at almost full speed.  When you're lugging around that Anti-Aircraft machine gun though, everything is slowed down.  Other examples are the way each weapon is reloaded or the way they eject shell casings where they are shot.  Even bullet impact has been carefully engineered so that there's a difference in damage from each different weapon.

Looks: as hot as they are smart.  Not only do weapons operate and 'feel' realistic, but the looks are there too.  Each gun looks about as close to real-life as they could get it.  Then on top of that, players can customize the paint job on their favorite gun.  Unlock different camo patterns with headshots and you're reached a whole other aspect of customization.  Pop enough domes and you can even have certain guns gilded.  So sweet.

    I 100% recommend CoD4 if only for the weapons.  There's not another game that comes close to this level of excellence when it comes to weapon customization and design.  Get it

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