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Great and Addictive Multiplayer

The Call of Duty series has been innovative in the over-played genre and the team behind Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2 has finally learned that the WWII FPS genre is over played and the FPS needed a new spin. So Infinity ward has developed one of the best FPS in recent memory. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and as the subtitle suggests this is not another WWII game is takes place in modern time.

Now let's talk about the story. The story in CoD4: MW is all fiction but takes bits and pieces from real world events. You play as two people, one in the British SAS, and another in the Us Marines. You start as a SAS member going through training to get used to the controls and such. Your first real mission is on a ship where highly explosive materials are said to be, and you are sent in there to retrieve them. As soon as you find the materials you find out two MiGS are near the ship and you have to get off as soon as possible so you just grab what you can. This part is most likely the best pat in the game, because soon after you find out that MiGS are on you tail they attack on the ship and you are on a mad rush out of the ship before it sinks.

You camera is tilted for added effect and water is rushing in from everywhere and pipes bursting. At the end of the mission you make a leap of faith on to you heli-copter as your captain, Captain Price, save you as you are about to fall.

When you are playing as the Marines you are in the Middle East and find out that a key political figure has been assassinated by Khaled Al-Asad, the mastermind you have to stop.

Later in to the story you find the SAS and Marines are getting closer and closer together and evetually working together. The marine to play as eventually get killed and from then on out you only play as Soap McTavish,SAS, and last kill of the game is made buy to in a dazed state with a pistol throwen to you but a fellow solider.
You as Soap are the only know survior but and Call of Duty fans know Captain Price always come back.
All in all the single player is short but good experince with a little bit of replay value with the unlockable arcarde mode where you play the whole story ove again and get points for kills. There are also "cheats" for getting enemy intel but nothing to spetactual, until you find all of them and unlock infinite ammo.

The single player is just the start of it. The online is where CoD4 shines. The weapons are the best in a game yet, and yes they are just normal weapons but that's what makes them great. Also there is like powerups called perks which you unlock, along with guns and chalenges, by leveling up and XP.

The Call of Duty franchise has came a long way since call of duty and this if for the good.


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