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a highly polished addicting fps

Lets start with the campaign. the campaign is a really gripping experience due to amazingly smooth gameplay along with a pretty large degree of variety. from storming a ship to stealthily sneaking past patrols of enemies in guilly suits. it really makes you want to see what kind of experience the next mission will bring. You are also spoiled by the graphics which are highly polished and textures which cant be challenged by any other game. However the campaign is too short and you could easily complete it in one sitting. However the short campaign is made up for by a rewarding multiplayer that allows you to play in your own style due to the create a class feature so if you want to be stealthy you can.all you have to do is choose your gun and choose perks which can do a range of various things including extra bullet damage, uav jammers, better accuracy, extra sprinting distances and many more. so if you want an intense campaign or a good online shooter make sure you check out call of duty 4 modern warfare
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