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Call of Duty 4 is the forth game of the Call of Duty series and at first glance at it I was actually put to sleep by the game, literally.  Still, I ballsed up and took the controller two days later after both of my brothers completed it and played as an SAS thug on a tanker and I must say I quite enjoyed it.    Running at top speed towards the chopper was possibly the most fun I've ever had from a Call of Duty game by that point, including avoiding Nazi rockets while travelling at 50mph and shooting the most inaccurate gun imaginable in an attempt to kill them before they raped me and my truck.  The storyline was pretty obvious for the second mission as the US Marines or whatever they were, and they were basically big macho thugs who thought they were awesome and killing Terrorists in the name of God and being the glorified heroes of America.  I felt glee when the nuclear warhead went off as an American as well!  Finally a game made by Americans (I think, not sure on that part) that kills off the main American character because he's been killing far too many Terrorists.  The SAS had some truly good levels as well, especially the one where you infiltrate a town and blow the crap out of anything that moves with what's known as itchy trigger finger syndrome and ultimately hearing Price beating the crap out of a Russian was rather satisfying to the point of feeling given a reward for all my hard work.
The stealth level was possibly the best level in the entire game as I snuck through the whole level killing only two or three people and they were basically the dudes that you had to kill.  I was impressed with just how quickly you had to do things on that level because otherwise you'd be spotted, and if you went through too quickly then you'd get spotted anyway so you had to pace the game play to an extent.  In this level you also play as Price who is a wide hat, mustache totting SAS maniac who was the one who beat the crap out of the Russian above, which was rather satisfying, but unfortunately you did play the game while wearing a ghillie suit.  Now I'm not a military expert, but I do know that the British Army has never used, or ever will use, a ghillie suit.  But that's by the by, and total accuracy couldn't really be achieved with a storyline like that from Call of Duty 4.
I felt for the characters as well, as during the last few missions they spoke about beer!  Beer of all things!  Price even mentioned the best way to have, possibly, his favourite drink.  He was buying as well, damnit, and then he had to die.  Still, he tosses you a gun and then you have something like five seconds while shellshocked to take out three guys while in a kind of slow-mo mode.  My main complaint is that Price couldn't buy that pint, and Gav died as well because Gav seemed to be the cool loner sort of guy who did the job no matter what.  I didn't like the game for killing the rest of my squad off, with the exception of the American actually because I was wondering why he wasn't with the guy you were as the Americans when the nukes went off, but again that's really all by the by and overall the story was nicely written and had nice workings in it that made it work.  I could play the game again, but I'd probably have to play it on Expert Level rather than on Uber Easy just so I could complete it without struggling and actually have a challenge (I played it for the story!  Honest!).

Now on to multiplayer.  Let's see, there's really only two modes of play that I like and that's deathmatch and team deathmatch so that I can kill stuff but there's also several modes like domination, capture the bag, an assault variation and a hardcore mode of certain game play modes that whenever I play I wander around like a headless chicken and die, but that's okay.  No respawning is realistic especially when you play in hardcore mode and a single bullet can kill you.  Most of the time I tended to be cannon fodder and let my team win by lulling the enemy into a false sense of security which caused them to drop their guard and allowed my team to slaughter them.
In addition to this there's cage matches where you can play any kind of game but are most fun in capture the bag where you have twenty minutes and basically you can't plant your bag in their base to win for a longer period than about twenty seconds and you just end up killing each other for twenty minutes, which is fun.
Multiplayer level design is nicely done as well but unfortunately there are some glitches in the maps which I suppose is unavoidable and they can be exploited to make people harder to hit or so that they can leave the map and kill people from the outsides where they are potentially invisible, although a minimum of people use these glitches they're still there due to bad level design or by accident and can be termed in the gaming community as game breakers and even though so few people use them the minority that do use them spoil the game for everyone else.
Of course having this game on the 360 means I have to put up with the online community of 12 year old kids who think that they're better than you and have the standard run shoot kill tea bags of a Halo 3 player and feel that they can insult you because they killed you from behind rather than actually standing in front of you and actually firing their weapon rather than raping you with a knife.
Really there's so few faults in the game that I really can't say a lot about it, apart from the glitches and annoying that I mentioned beforehand.

Posted by boko52

"Of course having this game on the 360 means I have to put up with the online community of 12 year old kids who think that they're better than you and have the standard run shoot kill tea bags of a Halo 3 player"

you cant really complain about this as this happens on any game any console online, as i said before you just have to learn to deal with it or just dont play multiplayer

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