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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warefare Review

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the 4th instalment in the massively popular Call of Duty Series from Infinity Ward, the game takes place unlike the previous 3 in modern day which takes a drastic change from the WW2 era. Modern Warfare has you play through the single player campaign from 2 different perspectives, for the majority of the campaign you play as Sergeant "Soap" MacTavish from the 22nd SAS Regiment and for a segment of the game you take on the roll of Sergeant Paul Jackson who is part of the USMC 1st Force Recon who are deployed to the Middle East.

The story begins with you playing as "Soap" you are in a SAS training facility and you're instructed by Gaz a individual you see a lot of throughout the campaign Gaz instructs you through the basic tutorial and sends you off to Captain Price to perform the CQB test. After the test you are thrown straight in to the start of what is a short yet exhilarating single player campaign. The prologue begins with you infiltrating a Cargo Ship in the Bering Sea to secure a Russian Nuclear device destined for the middle east once you fighting your way through all the personnel on board you reach the nuclear device but before you have time to secure the device and transport it off the Ship the cargo ship is struck by missiles from hostile jet fighters you are forced quickly grab the manifest and escape the sinking ship. This is only the start of what is an Exciting, Enthralling and Unpredictable single player campaign.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has one of the best single player campaigns in a long time never has a game been so cinematic and outstanding from the rest and yet this is smallest reason why it's such a great game. Modern Warfare's strongest and greatest feature is its multiplayer. Modern Warfare has a wide variety of game modes including frantic frag fests like Headquarters or game modes which require more skill to succeed in such as Search and Destroy. In multiplayer you start out at level 1 with only a few select weapons and perks available to you. The perk system is a great addition to Modern Warfare as it allows you to design a class which suits you best after a few hours of playing online you will already have found a Weapon and set of perks that suit you best and you wouldn't dream of going back to the normal class set-ups that you start off with. As you progress through the ranks you unlock new weapons and perks the game becomes much more enjoyable as you have better weapons and perks at your disposal and you can really start to get into a groove with your favourite weapons. The levels are capped at 55 but once you reach 55 you have a choice of Prestige mode prestige mode is where you reset your rank to 1 and you are able to gain XP again you can do this up to ten times and effectively rise 605 ranks. A great feature of CoD4s multiplayer is the Kill Streak Bonus's if you are good enough to get 3 kills without dying you can call in UAV radar which allows you to find any of your enemies on the map unless they are using the UAV jammer perk. If you progress to 5 kills you can call in an airstrike on the area of your choice and if you manage to catch 2 people with the airstrike and reach 7 kills without dying you can call in a helicopter which will circle the map and take out enemies for you.
There are 16 maps in total available ranging from fairly large maps such as Pipeline and overgrown to incredibly small maps such as Shipment and Showdown the current maps on offer are all fairly well designed with only a few that need some necessary changes. In spring we will see the release of new MP maps over Xbox Live and PSN which will further add to the amazing experience that is Call of Duty 4 multiplayer.

Modern Warfare takes a drastic change from the previous games in its series and improves on the vastly with outstanding visuals, Enthralling single player and truly amazing multiplayer. If the campaign lasted longer and a few overpowered weapons in multiplayer were balanced out then CoD4 would be a perfect game but still CoD4 is one of the greatest FPSs of all time and should be on the shelf of every gamer.


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