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Best game ever?probably Best FPS ever? definatly

Personally this is my favourite game ever
When you start up the game, the intro and first levels are amzing showcases of the capabilities of this game
The levels are well balanced, the enemies well placed and the story is well written
All the levels balance between shooting ,blowing up objectives and silentæy progressing through the game
Possibly the best level in a game ever is the sniper mission set in Russia which goes to prove how infinity ward realised that people's favourite levels dont always have to be saturated with shooting. The tension created when crawling through the grass in your Ghillie suit is brilliant
Once finished there are many possibilities to go back and try out for all of the many varied achievements, including the infamously difficult 'Mile Hig Club' achievement

The online is also breath taking
Weapons and perks are well balanced, despite some being over used sometimes. Weapons each have specific qualities so it is always possible for a player to find their favourite gun, be it fast firingsnipers acurate machine guns or powerful shotguns
The maps are also well designed, never being too big nor too small, unlike the maps which have been released with call of duty world at war

In my view the best game ever with an in depth story that keeps you coming back
and an amzing online experience which will keep you playing for ever

Must buy

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