Time, Activision Collaborate on Fake Magazine Cover for Modern Warfare 3

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#51 Posted by Xpgamer7 (2411 posts) -

Advertising has reached a new level. I don't feel great about this.

#52 Edited by cyraxible (695 posts) -

Print media desperately grabbing for relevancy by selling out to a lowest common denominator blockbuster. This is gross.

#53 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2778 posts) -

Time was hardly a respectable rag but this pretty much cements their status.

#54 Posted by Branthog (5613 posts) -

@Klarion18 said:

Pretty sad to see Time magazine doing this.

Why? Time has no prestige to it. They pandered to the audience by calling "you" the "person of the year". They're as ridiculously bought and sold in and out like every other mass media entity.

#55 Posted by Beaudacious (945 posts) -

Time is in financial ruin, so they sold out for some desperately needed money.

#56 Edited by Kyreo (4603 posts) -

@Yanngc33 said:

I'd love to get my hands on one of these posters

I'll sell you one for 20 bucks. PM me.

#57 Posted by EvilTwin (3324 posts) -

This is probably the coolest pre-order bonus ever.

#58 Posted by Marokai (3189 posts) -
@Jerome85 said:
How this could possibly bother someone is beyond me.  Oh wait it's COD...no wonder.  Keyboard warriors...continue your miserable existence.
Of course, it can't possibly have anything to do with the fact that Time used to be a really great magazine and is now becoming this disgusting mainstream shell of it's former self, and this is just one example of a magazine that used to be AAA now selling out to the lowest common denominator for readership. Or it couldn't also have anything to do with the fact that some people value print media and this just fits with the overall narrative of print media becoming more and more desperate to maintain any relevancy despite their once-great past.
No, it must all be because we hate Call of Duty. There couldn't possibly be any serious objections here. Sure.
#59 Posted by Jackel2072 (2280 posts) -

i rather like the poster. i have that hanging on my wall VS the standard MW3 cover. side note. why is this news now? i mean i got the post like a month ago. did it take Time this long to comment or are people now just figuring out it was a pre-order bonus?

#60 Posted by itsVASH (172 posts) -

I've had this for over 2 months... this is news?

#61 Edited by Agent47 (1898 posts) -
@gbrading said:
Enough real people are dying in conflicts around the world as it is, without the need to make a fake cover of Time Magazine advertising global conflicts.

@Hector said:

Not interested in anything relating to CoD!

#62 Posted by brewso (12 posts) -

I'd like to see The Onion's take...

#63 Posted by Chris2KLee (2339 posts) -

Sure, why not.

#64 Posted by Vodun (2370 posts) -

Severely disinterested in MW3, but this is kind of cool.

#65 Posted by AuthenticM (3816 posts) -

MW3 does not take place in 2030.

#66 Posted by xMP44x (2193 posts) -

If the game is set in 2030 it's a sixteen year jump from when Modern Warfare 2 ends? Weird. I'd love one of those covers but I don't have a GameStop nearby, nor do I have a pre-order. My thought is to just get a really nice, high-end scan and have that professionally printed or something.

#67 Posted by rmanthorp (4118 posts) -

WW3 :0

#68 Posted by buft (3320 posts) -

great stuff, maybe they can get the new yorker to make a funny comic about it too?

#69 Posted by VTheSystemV (33 posts) -

I paid 2.50 deposit for this game to get the poster.  I'm not even going to refund the deposit now I'm getting Skyrim instead, as I thought the poster was worth it!

#70 Posted by natetodamax (19231 posts) -

This is pretty old stuff. I've had this poster for several weeks now. Got it at GameStop when I pre-ordered the game for my dad.

#71 Posted by chstupid (806 posts) -
#72 Edited by Solemn (278 posts) -

 “I like the concept of Time being a related brand of something that’s happening in 2030,”

So....it's 2030 and the characters in the game are using equipment from over twenty years ago?
#73 Posted by TwoOneFive (9459 posts) -

that's actually pretty meh. theres war all over the us, and it just says "the world stands on the brink"....  
i could think of a much more urgent and terrible looking cover

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