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Revolutionary for its time, and one of the best WWII games ever 0

The first of the groundbreaking Call of Duty series, COD puts you into the shoes of American, British and Russian soldiers in one of the many theaters during the war. The graphics were the best of its time, and still look decent when played today. Textures are clean, soldier's faces are fairly detailed, buildings and vegetation are appropriately colored, and the guns all look convincing and unique. The graphical engine is lag free and very precise (e.g. fast response time and accurate interactio...

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Call of Duty 0

Call of Duty's creators, who split off from the original Medal of Honor team, manage to do something that seemed to be missing from that other World War II series - make it intense. You're never too far from dying and the extremely loud, chaotic battles are broken up once in a while with an uneasy silence.The game has many great set pieces that make you really feel like a war hero, fighting alongside your allies and comrades... parachuting into D-Day, holding a bridge from a large siege, stormin...

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Call of Duty Classic is where it all started. 0

So, here we go, Call of Duty Classic for the PSN and Xbox Live Marketplace. It is a game that was originally only released on PC, so, this game here is a first for consoles. The PC version of the game was released way back in 2003, so yeah, its nearly 7 years old now. I was hoping that for consoles, Infinity Ward would make the graphics HD, and include lots of other tweaks and refinements. They did not, and kept it as "Classic" as it is possible to be.   The controls are good, however. I found t...

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Dated But Fun 0

With Modern Warfare 2 sales topping over a billion dollars, Call of Duty is undeniably a gaming phenomenon but for many the roots of the series remain unexplored. I am one of the many. For some reason or other I never played the original Call of Duty, probably because I was busy playing Electronic Arts World War II themed shooter series Medal of Honor. In any case I never played the original Call of Duty and the release of Call of Duty Classic on the XBOX Live Arcade (as well as the Playstati...

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A fantastic WWII shooter 0

 Call of Duty is a very intense experience and while I was playing it I was very impressed how Call of Duty conveyed the claustrophobic and apocalyptic atmosphere the World War II without being unecessary gory or overstylized. The game mixes stealthy passages with larger battles, which include squad action, tanks (fighting them, and driving them). The level design is grim and gritty and playing the game for a few hours prolonges can make you feel quite unsettled, which is a good thing for a game...

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Big Explosions and Dead Nazis 0

Twenty-six levels, divided between three campaign, Call of Duty puts you in the boots of an American, British, and Soviet soldier. Each is a rush from one battle to the next.Each campaign is divided between two long missions, occasionally broken up by single level length missions. Mission begin with an general overview with each levels objectives explained to you on the spot. One level flows smoothly into the next. So much so that the end of each campaign comes to an abrupt ending. This is an in...

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The first in one the best series' ever 0

World War II games have been around for a long time. It started with Medal of Honor and moved to battlefield. Then it was Call of Duty. Of course, the setting began to get overused and boring. But Call of Duty was around when WWII games were still great. The game puts you in as an American one campaign, a British the second, and of course, a Russian the third. The highlight of the game teamwork. The problem with Medal of Honor was it's "1 man army" missions (the great majority). In Call of Duty,...

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The first of many... 0

Call of Duty Classic is an HD re-boot of the first game in the Call of Duty franchise from Infinity Ward. This is what started it all folks. But has it aged well enough to warrant a $20 purchase if you didn't get the free code with your copy of Modern Warfare 2? CoD: Classic keys were given away with hardened and prestige editions of Modern Warfare 2 on a token that you would punch into XBLA/PSN to redeem the game and download it. Later on it was released for $20 on XBLA and PSN. I becam...

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