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Casino Kid is a gambling game first developed and published for the Nintendo Entertainment System by SOFEL on January 6th, 1989 in Japan followed ten months later with a release in the United States. It is the first game in the Casino Kid series.

Based in the fictional city of Lost Wages, players take the role of Casino Kid, a youth with $500 to burn and a name to make. In order to progress through the story, players must mingle and interact with people within the casino, accepting challenges from them along the way should they pop up.

Games included are blackjack and five-draw poker. Eventually, the evil king of the casino will challenge the cocky gambler, upon which the game will end if the player wins the challenge thus walking away with $1,000,000.

Differences between versions

  • Was titled $1,000,000 Kid: Maboroshi no Teiou Hen originally in Japan.
  • The Japanese version actually uses the real location of Las Vegas, Nevada as opposed to the Lost Wages location in the U.S. The Golden Nugget casino is also specifically named.
  • The Japanese version featured two additional games: slot machines and roulette.
  • The layout of the casino in the Japanese release is substantially more detailed and life-like.
  • It is possible to commute to other casinos such as New York City and Japan in the Japanese version.
  • Casino Kid has blonde hair in the US release as opposed to blue used in Japan.
  • The Japanese version contains a "free mode" where players can practice their strategies.

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