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Super Caesar's Palace is a casino simulator game that was developed by Illusions Game Company and published by Virgin Games, Inc. The game is a sequel to Caesar's Palace on the NES, SNES, Genesis, and Gameboy. The game takes place in the Caesar's Palace casino in Las Vegas. The player controls a no-name, office looking guy as he tries to make all the money he can in nine casino games.


Office Looking Guy
Office Looking Guy

The game starts out at an ATM machine and the options are to either create a new account or load one already created with a password. If the player creates a new account, they receive $2000 in chips afterwards in $1, $5, $25, $100, and $500. Once done, the player enters in the Caesar’s Palace casino and can walk around playing any casino game, or go up and down the escalators. The casino games include slots, poker, roulette, red dog, blackjack, craps, keno, horse racing and lottery tickets scratchers. The player also has the choice to have conversations with other people around the casino, however, it’s mostly awkward small talk that leads into some tips on how to play certain games.


To play the slots machine, start with entering one, two, or three chips into the machine and pull the arm down to see if three wining symbols line up. The slot machines use different chip values, which are display on the machine while the player is controlling the office working guy. There are seven different slot machines and the chip value can be $1, $5, $25, $100, or $500. There are also different styles of slot machines, including baseball and boxing.


The poker in the game is called video poker and is played on a machine. The poker itself is the Five-card draw variant. To play video poker, the player can enter up to five coins in the machine and the game starts with dealing the player five cards. The player then can hold how many cards he wants. The player gets new cards replaced over the ones he did not hold. If the player hand is a winning hand then he will win the amount that is shown on the payoff numbers screen above the poker screen. There are four video poker machines in the casino, and they use $1, $5, $100, and $500 chip values.


During roulette, a wheel with 36 black or red spaces numbered 1 to 36 and 2 green spaces named 0 and 00 will spin and a ball will land in one those spots. The player can place a bet on any one number, on black or red, on even or odd, the first 18 or last 18, one of three rows, and the first third, second third, or last third of numbers. Once the bets are placed, a video shows the ball going around and landing on a number. The minimum bet is $5 and the maximum is $500, $5000, or $10000.

Red Dog

Red Dog is a simple game that starts with the player betting. Once the betting is done, the dealer deals two cards. If the number of the card the dealer deals next is in between the first two cards, then the player wins. For example if the dealer deals a 7 and a king and the last card he deals is a 10, then the player wins. The player also can bet again after the first two cards are shown. The winnings will be more if the first two card numbers are closer to each other. The minimum bet can be $5, $25, or $100 and the maximum is $500, $5,000, or $10,000, depending on the table the player goes to.


Blackjack is a card game where the goal is to have cards that total 21 or higher then the dealer. The game starts with the player being dealt two cards and the dealer two cards, one face down. At this point, the player can keep receiving cards until they get to 21. If the player goes past 21, they "bust" and will lose. After the player wishes to stop, they will "stand" and the dealer will keep adding cards to their stack until they reach seventeen or higher. Once the dealer is done and if they have not bust, then the person with the most points total wins. If the player receives two of same card on the first deal, then the player has the choice to split. When a player splits, the bet is double and the player receives two more cards and has another chance to beat the dealer. After the first twos card the player can also bet up to twice their original amount again. The minimum bet can be $1, $5, $25, $100, or $1,000 and the maximum is $100, $500, $5,000, $20,000, or $50,000, depending on the table the player goes to.


In craps, the player tries to place chips on the table and some dice are thrown. The player may or may not win.


Keno is a very simple game where the player selects the amount of money he wishes to bet and then mark ten of the eighty numbers listed on a card. Once done, the player is shown the results at a later date and if the player has won or not.

Amazing Horse Names

Horse Racing is one of the games that can be played. Horse racing in the game is virtual horse racing and the machine’s name is Horse 2000. In horse racing, the player can place bets, view stats, or view races. When the player places a bet, the first decision is to make a single, a “quiniella”, or a trifecta bet, which means how many horse the player will bet on. Then the player picks what horse or horses he will pick and the bet amount, and if a single bet is chosen then the player also has to bet on if the horse will win, place, or show. When the player views the view stats screen, then the player can look up each horse and view the amount of races the horses ran in and how many times they won, place, or show in a race. In view race, the player can look at the results of the previous races.


When the player goes to an ATM machine, the player has the choice to buy a scratcher for $100. There are three different scratchers, 60-Yard Fight, Match Two, and Triple Jacks. 60-Yard Fight is an American football theme scratcher with a 6x6 grid. The player has to start scratching a box on the bottom row and start going up each row scratching one box at a time. The boxes either have a number or a bomb. Each row has the same numbers and if a bomb is scratch, the game is over. The higher the row the player gets to, the more the winnings. Each row gets one more bomb where the top row has five out of six bombs in the boxes. In Match Two, there is a 5x5 grid with a blue background. The player has to keep scratching boxes until two of the same number shows up and the winnings will be that number. There are three bombs that will make the player win nothing if one of the bombs is uncovered. Triple Jacks has a casino theme and a 3x5 grid. The scratcher shows the dealer three cards and each box has a number and suit of a card. The player will need to keep scratching the boxes until the player beats the dealer’s hand. If one of two bombs are uncovered, the winnings is nothing.

Also known as the
Also known as the "Game Over" sign

If all the chips are lost or if the player leaves the casino, an option happens to either load with a password or leave. If the player leaves, a desert background that is moving with a “You Are Leaving Las Vegas” sign is shown and the credits appear.


If the player does not make or load an account in the beginning, then the player won’t get any money; none of the casino games can be played because of this.

The office looking guy is able to walk up and down the escalator in the wrong direction, but he will move at a slower pace.

While playing a casino table game, if the player puts some chips on the table and leave then those chips will be gone. The player is not refunded back the chips even if the game is not played.

Wannabe Cop
Wannabe Cop

The game has a couple areas in it where if the player tries to walk up to it, a conversion happens with a person that has a hat with a badge on it and he says the player has to be a “high roller” before the player can enter. If the player has a high amount of chip, then the player can enter and play either a game of blackjack or craps with a high minimum and maximum bet.

The ending of the credits includes this quote by Authors " It seems that all the college kids have boring jobs sitting behind desks.."

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