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Celia Fortner acts as the main antagonist of the game, her main wish is to see a new Dark Lord rise and for that ideal has recruited two candidates Dmitrii Blinov and Dario Bossi. At the beginning of the attacks Soma Cruz and promise to see his destruction, after Soma is lured to the castle she once again promise his destruction by making him confront many powerful foes as well as the two candidates. Once Soma defeats both enemies, Celia decides he is the best choice and tries to trick Soma into unleashing his dark powers by "killing" Mina, but thanks to the intervention of Arikado Soma realizes it was all a trap using a doppelganger of Mina. Moments later Dmitrii escapes from Soma's body and takes residence inside the doppelganger, Celia and Dmitrii escape to the last area of the castle after Dmitrii convinces her he now has the same power as Soma, and only needs more souls to become the Dark Lord. Celia's ultimate fate is as part of a sacrifice used by Dmitrii to obtain more power.

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