Bets on what will happen next in the ER? [BIG SPOILERS]

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#1 Posted by JokerSmilez (1375 posts) -

So, in the next episode (episode 29), they will confront the queen which is when shit will get real because...

Chrono dies. Also, don't read if you don't want any more spoilers. Seriously.

Afterward, there are few different things that can happen.

They can revive Chrono or not and they can recruit Magus or not. The game isn't necessarily explicitly clear about which is the "right" thing to do, even though it seems most people I know who played the game both revived Chrono and recruited Magus.

Also, do you think they'll get to Lavos from the Epoch or go the Black Omen route? How much side stuff do you they'll do?

Chrono Trigger can really split off in a bunch of different ways at this point so I'm really curious to see how Ryan and Patrick play it out, especially considering how they've kind of bumbled their way through the game so far.

I personally think they will kill Magus but revive Chrono. I think they'll go through the Black Omen and do some of the side stuff. I hope they do the rainbow shell and the sunstone quests because those are my favorite and give really nice rewards.

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#2 Posted by Benny (2009 posts) -

@JokerSmilez: The rainbow shells and sunstone ones are a little obscure (finding the sunstone for example.) I could definitely see them doing the frog side-quest though. And mayyyybe the magus' castle one, we'll see.

I reckon they'll save magus to see what happens rather than kill him, cause they can just reload their save if they don't like the outcome I guess. And of course they'll revive Chrono.

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#3 Posted by Addfwyn (2008 posts) -

I have no idea what side quests they will do, there are a TON, there is no way they will probably find every single one. Unless they chill with Hasch and get the hints from him, since he gives you a list of things to do.

I really really hope they keep Magus (I think I like that version of his name), I've always loved him and he is just so good in combat. Crono...I am pretty sure they will revive, the game doesn't make that TOO obscure. I see it as very possible that they will assume they are supposed to kill Magus and just go do it, without trying the option of sparing him.

As far as Lavos, I think they'll either use the Epoch or take the bucket. The Black Omen is pretty punishing, and I frankly am not sure if they could manage it. It's probably the longest way to get there too.

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#4 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

They're gonna fuck up the Magus event. I don't know how they'll do with Crono, because it all depends on whether or not the game gives any hints that the Nu in the future (Belthasar, I think?) gives you the Chrono Trigger to revive his ass. Wait, you need the doll from the Fair, right? There's no way Crono's coming back.

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#5 Posted by Gaff (2605 posts) -

My mind will be blown if they manage to kill Lavos right there. Anyway:

  • Recruit Magus, revive Crono. Granted, they'll probably never use him, but they'll probably spare him. The bigger question is who'll they'll replace Brono with in the meantime.
  • 2Poch, meet Lavos. Lavos, meet 2Poch.
  • I really hope they wrap up all the characters' stories (most of the cast have specific sidequests). Especially the Forest one fleshes out the story quite a bit.
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#6 Posted by fusrodah (101 posts) -

I'll be severely disappointed if they don't do the Robo quest. Brometheus!

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