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Quite Possibly... The Best RTS I've Ever Played! 1

Now, I bought Company of Heroes (CoH) a good couple of years ago. It was a great game when I bought it, but now Relic has decided to go all EA on us and charge us for new units via an expansion pack. This gives players that invested $30 dollars into an expansion pack an unfair advantage, and it tips the balance of online play. On the other hand, If you like playing single player, go ahead, this game is great for single player. Unfortunately, Relic screwed the pooch on the multi-player.  Opposing...

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A very good game, no argue about that. But still, just a good game, nothing more. 0

A very good game, no argue about that. But still, just a good game, nothing more. By the way, why do they call it a RTS? There should be a new genre for games like this: RTT, or Real Time Tactical game.What I don't like about this game (and almost every game I have recently played) is that you only respond to some scripted events, rather than triggering them with your own decisions and actions. This is becoming really boring, as you don't have the feeling something actually depends on what you d...

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An absolute cracker of an RTS 2

Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy game from Relic during world war two as it follows the story of the American Airborne troops who dropped in over during D-Day. Its single player campaign will take you all the way from the D-Day landings to chasing the last remaining Germans back into their homeland, and hunting down a notorious German tank commander. On the way you will pass through famous French towns such as Carentan and will be dropped deep behind enemy lines to destroy a V2 rocket ...

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The Perfect RTS 0

Company of Heroes is an absolutely amazing RTS it's campaign is so so but the multiplayer is really where it's at.  As you get into the multiplayer you find how complex this game really is.  You use MGs, Mortars, Snipers, armor, at guns, paratroopers, flanking, and more to get the upper hand on your enemy.  The game can change at any moment with a properly placed air strike or well done counter attack.  There is no resource gathering.  You gain resources by controling points on the map.Just go g...

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Best RTS ever 2

If you'd like a departure from the typical "harvest resources as fast as possible and build a huge army" RTS game mechanic, then COH will make you very very happy. Holding control points and strategically selecting what units to attack with and how to attack with them is key. A tank rush is nearly an instant fail. You must support your tanks with other units more suited to different tasks. The cover system is also an important characteristic. A lone machine gun in a field won't last very long, b...

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"Hell Opened Its Gates" 0

Relive the tense Omaha Landing through the eyes of Able Company in what has to be one of the greatest World War II games released to date.Relic really has outdone themselves with Company of Heroes. Very few games based off of D-Day and the subsequent Normandy breakout have been as powerful and intense as Company of Heroes. "But wait!" you say "Isn't this an RTS?" Yes, Relic tells the story of Able and Fox companies across an amazing campaign with you in command of the entire operation.Company of...

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A well-designed and polished game 0

My favorite RTS series of all time is Red Alert, so I decided to use that game as the standard against which I compare this review. Overall, CoH is an original game with good gameplay and great graphics. The one criticism which sets it back, is that I didn't find it very enjoyable or addicting like I find most RTS games. There were a lot of annoying tasks I had to do that I didn't really find appropriate for an RTS game, micromanagement of the units was the foremost of them. I'd like it more if ...

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gg 2

great game. great single player. multiplayer is fun. great map maker. great graphics. very well optimized. good replay value. not the best. best rts to come out since wc3. this game does everything right, and nothing is apparently wrong with this game.great game. great single player. multiplayer is fun. great map maker. great graphics. very well optimized. good replay value. not the best. best rts to come out since wc3. this game does everything right, and nothing is apparently wrong with this g...

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This is simply the best RTS game made to date. 0

I kinda stumbled upon this game accidentally but I haven't really been able let it go ever since.I downloaded the demo quite some time after the games release out of pure boredom, and didn't really expect much because of the slightly cheesy name.But as soon as I started the game I was sold. After playing the demo to repeatedly I quickly picked up the game and once again started to journey through the story of WWII.This game just have it all. Stunning graphics with great detail and yet fluid game...

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A good RTS in theory, but dissapoints in practice 0

Company of Heroes is an RTS set in WW2, where you command units of soldiers and artillery to capture resource points, and eventually annhilate the enemy.Gameplay The gameplay had a lot of potential, but dissapoints in the end by how it is so easy. Enemies essentially don't attack you unless you come near them, and resource points provide infinite resources, meaning you can control a certain amount of area, literally have dinner, go out for a jog, come back, then easily win the game by spamming s...

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Simply an amazing feat in RTS games. 0

Having, last year, finally upgraded my pc the first game I wanted to try was COH. Having gotten tired and fed up with ww2 FPS, this seemed like a significant change of pace and style. First impressions were daunting, the game is probably the most complex and strategic rts made available, sorry Supreme Commander fans. THe micro management of troops is simply amazing and even made an impression on a war vet I showed. Company of Heroes is probably one of the most highly praised, and yet underatted ...

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Company of Heroes, Why Refinement Makes All The Difference 0

 Building on the concepts of Relic Entertainment's own Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, Company of Heroes is a great new adaption of real-time-strategy gameplay.  Stepping away from the genre conventions of resource gathering, base building, and troop amasing, CoH instead uses a unique system of point capturing, cover utilization, and in-depth unit control.  This difference in approach makes CoH an alltogether new animal, a streamlined take on decades old conventions that opens up RTS gameplay to ...

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An outstanding RTS 0

  This game is a very excellent RTS. Everything about it is pretty much top notch and just superb. Single player is very challenging and the campaign is engrossing. Multiplayer is pretty decent although slight balance issues can get annoying. Unlike most RTS's though there is very little focus on strategy. Rather you are using tactics on the battlefield to fight the war. Making good use of flanks and using cover of both you and your enemy, cover can have its disadvantages, as well as good place...

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Company of Heros RTS for the PC 0

Just like me,t his  Game has been around for a long time.  It still the best one of the best RTS games, in my opinion.I still play it today as much as I did when my sons got it for for  Xmas when it first came out. Unlike most gamers I 'm not into  X-Box  or Wii . I'm  a PC gamer. Maybe  I'll upgrade to those systems when my sons buy me  a new system one of these days. There are various upgrades and new maps that keep making  COH  more interesting. If you are like me and like  RTS military games...

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An RTS to be Remembered 0

Company of Heroes is a great RTS that keeps World War II a still interesting war to play in.  With multiple units to command it keeps the game fun.  The territory based gameplay makes sure that you are in a battle all the time whether you are on the offensive or defensive.  These territories are resource control points that you have to control to increase your production and the amount of resources you will have to win.  The territories also have points value.  Each side starts with a set amou...

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Never felt destruction so satidfying.. 0

Well before i start the actual review i would like to tell that i used hate stratergy games.. I would find ppl who play stratergy games dumb.. SORRY.. But ever since i played COH i just love playing stratergy games.. Now i realize why the stratergy genre ROCKS.. THE REVIEWPROS: Stunning graphicsSimply superb sound effects voice acing with some funny dialogsCompletely destructible environmentBest gameplay till dateGreat multiplayer community CONS: Comparitively long load timesOnly two factionsIss...

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The closest you'll get to playing with your army men again 0

As a child I simply adored my plastic army men. As a grownup I still do but I need a more mature excuse to play with them. Since I'm not into war games or anything of that nature, I believe Company of Heroes for the PC is the closest I'll get to reliving my childhood war simulations for a number of reasons. From the outset it is obvious that Relic has paid serious attention to all aspects of CoH. Building have varying states of decay dependent on how they are damaged, vehicles can crash after be...

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Best RTS EVER. 0

Yes, even to all of you Starcraft fanboys out there, CoH is indeed the best RTS game ever to hit the market. Not only are the graphics unlike anything ever seen in the RTS genre, but it is an incredibly polished title.Company of Heroes has a campaign that will take you about 12 hours to beat on the standard difficulty setting. The campaign takes you through D-Day, all the way through to the breaking of the German war machines back at the end of the war. All in all it is a fun, tactical, and prog...

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World War 2 is Still Interesting 0

Around 15 to 17 hours. That is how long it will take you to beat the 15 level campaign of Company of Heroes (CoH). Either that or I make a really bad general. If you do not know what CoH is let me inform you as to what it is. It is a World War 2 Real Time Strategy Game. The makers of Dawn of War bring you Company of Heroes. The land of the brave, where soldiers die for you and French wine is abundant. Getting drunk on wine though is not the subject of this game. We have all been there before, p...

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