legionary's Company of Heroes (Game of the Year) (PC) review

Quite Possibly... The Best RTS I've Ever Played!

Now, I bought Company of Heroes (CoH) a good couple of years ago. It was a great game when I bought it, but now Relic has decided to go all EA on us and charge us for new units via an expansion pack. This gives players that invested $30 dollars into an expansion pack an unfair advantage, and it tips the balance of online play.

On the other hand, If you like playing single player, go ahead, this game is great for single player. Unfortunately, Relic screwed the pooch on the multi-player.  Opposing Fronts was tolerable, but Tales of Valor is the one that really ruined one of the greatest online RTS experiences out there.

I feel bad for those that will never be able to experience the original CoH multi-player.

Posted by Legionary

Don't get me wrong, CoH is a great game, but Relic screwed it up with the release of Tales of Valor.

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