God, I love this game.

#1 Posted by Dudacles (1467 posts) -

I've only just started it, but it has unbelievable atmosphere.

#2 Posted by Gargantuan (1887 posts) -

Yeah, one of the best games ever. I hate the cellar in Apple Seed Orchard! :P

#3 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2884 posts) -

And so do I. Fantastic game.

#4 Posted by Discorsi (1390 posts) -

Yeah man .. wel I have een playing the second game and it has hella atmosphere too.  I'm loving it.

#5 Edited by Dudacles (1467 posts) -

I just completed it. While I thought it was a bit weird you don't find out anything about why all this stuff happens to Ethan, I felt the game had a satisfying ending. I'm gonna write a review to convince who haven't played this game yet to do so!

#6 Posted by Hdfisise (137 posts) -

So worth picking up then I take it?

#7 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6535 posts) -

I thin it's a pretty good game. The achievements are horrible and the graphics have shown their age at this point, but the combat is unique, innovative, and fun, and it can be pretty scary.

#8 Posted by daniel_beck_90 (3159 posts) -

You should then play Condemned 2 as well because it's even better than the first game .

#9 Posted by Goly (843 posts) -

That game rips. It reminds of splatterhouse in first person and in 3D.

#10 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

This game is the only game I have ever found to be frightening. Condemend 2 fails so badly, but this is a gem.

#11 Posted by daniel_beck_90 (3159 posts) -
HandsomeDead said:
"This game is the only game I have ever found to be frightening. .
 Have you ever played Dead Space ?
#12 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -
daniel_beck_90 said:
"HandsomeDead said:
"This game is the only game I have ever found to be frightening. .
 Have you ever played Dead Space ?"
Yep. Wasn't at all scary from the end of the first chapter. Became to obvious when and where things were going to pop up.
#13 Posted by TheGreatGuero (9130 posts) -

I always wanted to play this game, but I get scared pretty easily. I did actually rent Condemned 2, and while it was disturbing, I enjoyed the first few levels and then just got too frightened to continue.

#14 Posted by cityofdis0 (105 posts) -

I actually just completed this game. The atmosphere is frightening. 

It was awesome how the game has very little depth, but is so great.

#15 Posted by jinxman (514 posts) -

is condemned 2 really worth getting?  I loved this first one, probably the game i've gotten most scared from, and it was intense the whole trip through...so glad this game came with my 360 when i preordered it off gamestop, i never would have bought it by itself.

#16 Posted by JJOR64 (19092 posts) -

I fucking loved it to.  The only bad thing was the length of the game, it was to short.

#17 Posted by Emilio (3380 posts) -
I thought the second one was good, but at the same time, it dissapoints a bit.
#18 Posted by jakob187 (21787 posts) -

I really enjoyed the first one like crazy.  Great atmosphere all around.  The sound design is what made it amazing, though.  Every little step, creak, snap...man, just intense!!!  Unfortunately, I don't think I can play the second one.  Without Greg doing the voice for Ethan...as well as knowing the whole twist, which is just STUPID...I just don't think that I can actually force myself into playing through it.  I'm sure it's pretty decent and all...but seriously, how the FUCK are you going to make Ethan look like Grizzly goddamned Adams?!  lol

#19 Posted by CenturionCajun (1461 posts) -

You have to give Monolith credit. They are masters of creating a creepy atmosphere that keeps you on the edge of your seat. While I have enjoyed playing through Condemned you can tell it was their first major foray into this type of game. While the atmosphere is definitely there and the combat is innovative the story is almost non-existent. While I can understand the argument that you're going it alone and have no one to talk to I like having a little more backstory and motivation for my actions. Hopefully Condemned 2 provides some of that. 
I won't say this is one of the best games of all time but for a 360 launch title they really had something going here.

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