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Cookie Monster Munch is an educational Atari 2600 game featuring the popular Sesame Street character Cookie Monster.


 Cookie Monster Munch had four different modes of play.

Game 1 - No Time Limit

Upon starting the game, a basic maze would load complete with cookies in randomly generated points along the paths. Kids must use the joystick (or Atari Kids Controller) to navigate Cookie Monster along the paths and collect the cookies. Once a cookie has been collected it must be delivered to the cookie jar at the bottom of the maze. When all the cookies are safe and sound within the cookie jar, the level is completed and kids are rewarded with a simple cutscene of Cookie Monster reaching into the jar and eating the cookies one at a time while a counter at the bottom of the jar shows how many have been eaten. 

Game 2 - Timed Mazes

The second game is recommended for more advanced players. The setting and gameplay are similar but a time limit has been added. To counter the time limit, Cookie Monster is now capable of picking up multiple cookies at a time.

Game 3 - The Cookie Kid

Players in this level will take control of The Cookie Kid, Cookie Monster's friend. The Cookie Kid must trek across the paths and grab cookies as Cookie Monster watches and paces behind the fence. Upon grabbing a cookie, Cookie Monster will jump the fence and head down a path, eating all the cookies still on the floor. If Cookie Monster catches up with the player, all the cookies the Cookie Kid was carrying are eaten. These levels are also timed.

Game 4 - Invisible mazes

The Cookie Kid makes a return in this game, complete with time limit and impatient Cookie Monster, but now the maze is invisible. Upon picking up a cookie, the maze will flash on screen for a brief moment, allowing players to memorize the quickest routes to the cookies and jar.

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