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Jenkins' Death.
Richard Leroy Jenkins was a soldier assigned to the inaugural mission of the SSV Normandy. After the Normandy arrived at Eden Prime, it found the peaceful planet under attack by Saren and the Geth. A landing party consisting of Commander Shepard, Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko, and Corporal Jenkins made it to the planet surface. Shortly after landing, Jenkins ran into an open area, and was shot to death by Geth assault drones waiting in ambush. Jenkins' body was brought back onto the Normandy for honors following the conclusion of the Eden Prime mission.
Jenkins is found talking to Dr. Chakwas, the Normandy's physician. The player may speak with him and the Doctor, finding that he is eager for action and very impatient as a young soldier. Dr Chakwas will caution Jenkins, with the player they may make multiple conversation lines with him, one of which would tell Jenkins to cool down and think about how he has his whole life ahead of him still. Regardless of the player's actions, however, he will still get himself killed on Eden Prime.


 Jenkins was named after the popular "Leeroy Jenkins" joke video, depicting a World of Warcraft player who blindly rushes into an encounter and gets his entire guild killed as a result.

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