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Voiced by Carolyn Seymour, Dr. Chakwas enlisted in the Alliance Military originally after graduation from medical training, like many other people in the galaxy, she sought after an adventurous life. Working in military conditions, she soon found it was not as glamorous as the stories may make it out to be, but she finds that there is somewhat a difference which is preferable, when working on soldiers' medical problems and injuries.

Dr. Chakwas is first encountered by the player in the Normandy as are a few other members of the first game are. Talking to her you will see she is speaking with a young soldier named Jenkins. He is eager to find action outside the role he may have been assigned to previously with the whole of the Normandy, such as patrolling. Chakwas is much like a caring mother to the crew, sociable and often optimistic though with a hint of sarcasm in a friendly way. She looks out for the crew in ways other than confidential and medical servicing. Keeping a crew positive can be everything.

Leading a long life, she feels that the adventure of tracking Saren has filled her life with what she had always dreamed of, but there will always be need of medical staff and you can never lead too full a life. She is familiar with the problems encountered by Biotics, such as the problems that Kaidan Alenko has faced and has a somewhat minor proficiency in using medical technology used cosmetically. Having performed multiple missions with Anderson, who was the captain of the Normandy until a point in the plot of the first Mass Effect, she trusts his judgement.

She is also, unsurprisingly, familiar with the anatomy and medical needs of alien races as she is able to treat severe facial and skull injury sustained by Garrus Vakarian who is a Turian. She also has medical supplies and prosthetic technology in the form of implants for Garrus, and is likely to stock enough for a few members of different races in the event that Shepard may encounter a potential team member that is not human.

Crew Member Side Quest

When asking Dr. Chakwas if she is content with the facility she has been given, she is pleased with how much they have added and how similar it was to the original but notes that she had a bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy in her desk which has not been replaced despite the attempt to recreate the Normandy's original rooms and restore them to the state they were in the previous Normandy while still advancing them.

Shepard may perform an errand to find a bottle for Dr. Chakwas who really does deserve something to show the Shepard's gratitude towards her.

Different locations will stock Serrice Ice Brandy, though it is irrelevant where it is purchased from. The play may acquire bottles from the following locations.

  • Afterlife Club, Omega: Next to the Bartender.
  • Dark Star Lounge, Citadel: Purchase to acquire.
  • Ratch's Shop, Tuchanka: Purchase to acquire.

Return to Dr. Chakwas with the bottle and she will be overjoyed at the sight of it, the player may share a drink with the doctor. Having a drink with Dr. Chakwas will cause her to get drunk but in the very least, she is very happy and will tell funny stories about Jenkins (a crew member who dies early on in ME1), saying that it was soldiers like Jenkins who made the Alliance great and worth working with. Depending on the choice of the player in the last game, she may speak about Kaiden.

Speaking again with Dr. Chakwas, she will apologize for unprofessional and inappropriate behaviour, one of the branches of dialogue will make her say how you and her should drink it every year and that she will buy the next bottle.


  • Served previously on land at some point before Mass Effect's plot happens.
  • Is proficient in treating even severe injury of patients from other races.
  • Serrice Ice Brandy makes her get drunk, very quickly!
  • Feels it is her duty to stay with the crew to the very end, she worries about Joker and already has a good relationship as a friend to the other crew members.

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