Is Costume Quest worth 600 Microsoft points?

#1 Posted by rosebud04 (369 posts) -

I really enjoyed both stacking and brutal legend, but something about this game kept me away. shall i finally give in?

#2 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12010 posts) -

I don't think it's very similar to either of those games, but I've heard good things about it. 

#3 Posted by Marcsman (3381 posts) -

Yep my wife loved it
#4 Posted by Eidderf (517 posts) -

It's a fun little game even if the simple RPG combat gets a bit repetitive, better played in short bursts in my opinion.

#5 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -

Give in, it's one of the most charming games in years.

#6 Posted by Bollard (6517 posts) -


#7 Posted by DoctorTran (1584 posts) -

It's worth full price.

#8 Posted by Cameron (633 posts) -

I thought it was quite a bit of fun. It is definitely worth 600 points. It gets a little repetitive, but I think the charm of the setting more than makes up for that.

#9 Posted by Bucketdeth (8235 posts) -

I liked it, reminded me of Halloween as a kid which was awesome.

#10 Posted by JasonR86 (10027 posts) -
It's a very different style of game then those two games but I would definitely say it is work 600 points.  It's easy, straightforward, but a lot of fun.
#11 Posted by YoungFrey (1363 posts) -

It captures the feeling of being a kid on Halloween really well.  If you hve a child or significant other to play with, this is a good game for that.  It's also pretty easy, but still worth $7.50.  It used to be an easy S-Rank, but the now you have to grab the(also easy) DLC to get that. 

#12 Posted by Leviticus128 (244 posts) -


#13 Posted by Malakhii (1444 posts) -

I felt it got a little boring towards the end, but at that price I'd definitely pull the trigger. Heck, I was fine paying full price.  

#14 Posted by jozzy (2053 posts) -

Great game, do it!

#15 Posted by lasborg (57 posts) -

I played through it today, and I found it much better than I thought it would be. The 600 pts is definitely an acceptable price. 
Right now I'm on the fence whether to get the Grubbins on Ice DLC. Compared to the 600 pts sale price for the full game 400 seems a bit to much. Hell might just do it just to S-rank the game.

#16 Posted by Undeadpool (5249 posts) -
@rosebud04: Depends. Do you like charm and plot better than gameplay? Cause this, as Alex Navarro described it perfectly, is pretty much "My First RPG," but the writing is absolutely top-notch. That is, as long as there's room in your heart for whimsy and wonder.
#17 Posted by rosebud04 (369 posts) -

Guys i just bought it, i am really enjoying the whimsical nature of the world and the Witty writing, but i am just worried that the Combat will get Stale? 

#18 Edited by ProfessorEss (7700 posts) -
@Chavtheworld said:

" Yes. "

Not to be "that guy", but you mispelled YES.
#19 Posted by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

Dude what? Totally getting it now. Wasn't feeling the full price around Halloween. Besides there were other, meatier games themed for the season available at the time.

#20 Posted by ProfessorEss (7700 posts) -
@rosebud04 said:
" Guys i just bought it, i am really enjoying the whimsical nature of the world and the Witty writing, but i am just worried that the Combat will get Stale?  "
It does and it doesn't.
It should get stale, but I found "all the little things" combined with a relatively short length kept the whole thing together til the end.
Mileage may vary.
#21 Posted by Bollard (6517 posts) -
@ProfessorEss said:
" @Chavtheworld said:

" Yes. "

Not to be "that guy", but you mispelled YES. "
You know what? 
You're totally right.
#22 Posted by Getz (3440 posts) -

It's very low on substance, and very high in charm. If you like to laugh and be charmed then this game is definitely worth the discounted $7.50

#23 Posted by Sjosz (489 posts) -

I don't regret getting it at full price (and the DLC), it's an immensely charming game.

#24 Posted by Scattergories (66 posts) -

It's an okay game but it definitely needed to either have a more varied combat or move at a quicker pace, and what is with no maps?

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