Unicorn final material

#1 Posted by radioactivez0r (866 posts) -

I've scoured the mall, and I cannot find the last piece of the Unicorn costume.  I've got the rest of the costumes completed, but this one is stumping me.  Hints?

#2 Posted by Zidane_24 (740 posts) -

Is that the one on the far left side of the second floor? Because I haven't figured out how to get over there either.

#3 Edited by radioactivez0r (866 posts) -

No, that's just candy I think; you can get to it from the arcade tunnel even after you fix the train.  I have the glitter and the shiny paper :\

#4 Posted by suikoden352 (425 posts) -
@radioactivez0r: there are the 2 pieces that are simple to find and then there is the piece in the big pumpkin as well
#5 Posted by radioactivez0r (866 posts) -

Yeah I got the pumpkin piece, but obviously I haven't found one of the other to be simple to find since I can't find it :[

#6 Posted by radioactivez0r (866 posts) -

OK, I found it...that's what I get for assuming I'd already been to every escalator in the building :D

#7 Posted by Shane (152 posts) -

where is it? I'm still looking

#8 Edited by Shane (152 posts) -

I have the one in the pumpkin
found it, elevator on the second row

#9 Posted by Tiger_Buttercup (253 posts) -
@Shane: how do you get the piece in the pumpkin? I've been trying for thirty minutes. 
#10 Posted by fox01313 (5089 posts) -
To get the pumpkin hidden piece took me a while to figure out too, there's a part in the walkway above that you can drop down into the pumpkin.
#11 Posted by Tiger_Buttercup (253 posts) -
@fox01313: thank you!
#12 Posted by Tiger_Buttercup (253 posts) -

I still can't find it. Where specifically do you have to stand? This is making me crazy.

#13 Posted by Aetheldod (3723 posts) -

Where you get the shinny paper ???? is the one Im missing

#14 Posted by Aetheldod (3723 posts) -
@radioactivez0r:  The coffin that is in the rail is the other costume part the shinny fabric .... finally found it 
#15 Posted by Shane (152 posts) -
@Tiger_Buttercup said:
" I still can't find it. Where specifically do you have to stand? This is making me crazy. "
far left, third floor, there is  a hole in the barrier
#16 Edited by jozzy (2035 posts) -

How do you get the coffin on the other side of the track on the third floor to the left. Reading somewhere that you need to boost of the same ledge you go of for the pumpkin, but I can't do it.
Edit: nevermind, got it.

#17 Edited by pheonix_102 (3 posts) -

Can someone make this simple for me and explain very simply where exactly the location of the last material is?  I did the pumpkin and I did the little water river thing into the secret room.

#18 Posted by Skald (4370 posts) -
@pheonix_102: Is it the yarn that you're missing?
#19 Edited by jozzy (2035 posts) -

You need to go through the hole in the arcade. On the traintrack instead of going around, there is a little path down a bit to the right of where you enter that takes you straight to the chest on the other side of the track.

#20 Posted by pheonix_102 (3 posts) -

@extremeradical, yes its the yarn and @jozzy, I've opened that chest.  

#21 Posted by Skald (4370 posts) -
@pheonix_102: Start on the main floor. Go up the stairs (the ones that were blocked by the arcade kids) and go east, hugging the southmost side. There should be a set of stairs that go up to a small platform with a chest on it and not much else. Open the chest, that's where the yarn is. 
If I'm wrong, try the same thing on the next floor up. I'm doing it by memory, and it's not the most memorable part of the game.
#22 Posted by RATZGobbler (8 posts) -

I've got all the materials, but I can't find all three of the judges for the contest. I've found Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Bagley, so where's the third judge?

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