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Developed by Noise, Custom Robo is a brawler for the Nintendo GameCube. It was released in Japan on March 4, 2004 and later localized for US release on May 10 of that year. In the story mode, players take control of the protagonist, named Hero, who becomes a Robo Commander to honor his late father's wishes.


Hero and his landlady.

The player is introduced to Hero through a flashback that shows his father leaving home when he was a small child. In the present, Hero receives a letter informing him of his father's death and his wish that Hero follow in his footsteps as a Robo Commander. Hero's landlady initially seems to be his closest acquaintance, as she wakes him up nearly every morning. As Hero begins his quest to become a Commander, he manages to get a job with a bounty hunter organization called the Steel Hearts. While completing odd jobs for the members of the Steel Hearts, Hero trains to receive his license, which allows him to legally participate in Robo battles. After meeting a mysterious sentient Robo known as Rahu, Hero and the Steel Hearts must cooperate and compete with the police force and the mysterious Z Syndicate in Robo tournaments and grand adventures to unravel Rahu's origins and intentions, as well as those of Hero's own father.


The Holosseum.

Robo Commanders fight their battles in tabletop-sized arenas known as Holosseums, which include various terrain and obstacles, some of which are mobile or can be destroyed by the players. Robos consist of 5 types of customizable parts. The chassis represents the overall type of Robo and some broad characteristics. The gun is a Robo's main weapon and includes machine guns as well as spread shots. The bomb is the Robo's left-hand weapon, with more limited firing rate but more power. The pod is a Robo's backpack, and can provide offensive or defensive bonuses to augment combat. The legs generally complement mobility by providing speed bonuses or augmented jumping ability. Many of the offensive weapons feature different firing patterns and trajectories, which can be very useful for dealing with opponents who take cover behind terrain in the Holosseum.

At the beginning of a battle, each player's Robo is shot out of their starting cannon in a six sided cube, and depending on what number you "roll", your Robo's spawn is delayed by 1-6 seconds. Rolling a low number often leads to getting off an important first volley at the outset of a battle.

Other Info

1-4 Players Simultaneous

Memory card blocks needed: 15

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