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Avoid!!! 0

 The start of the year has had an unusually large number of big titles. Bayonetta, Army of Two II, and Darksiders have all hit. Now, we have Dark Void, Capcom's vertical-based 3rd person shooter. And an airborne combat game largely designed by many of the people behind Crimson Skies --- how in the world could this NOT end up awesome?Well, Capcom pulled it off. With aplomb. You play William Gray, an arrogant WW II pilot who is sent to an alternate dimension to fight off an alien race known...

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Enter The Void 0

Originally published on  Dark Void takes place in the year 1939.  The world is on the brink of another Great War, and pilot Will Grey is earning a living as a courier.  After re-encountering his old flame Ava, the two find themselves crash-landed in the Bermuda Triangle and fighting off an invasion of inter-dimensional robotic beings known as The Watchers.  To aid him in the fight, Will Grey is provided a jet-pack alá The Rocketeer by none other than an also-marooned Nikola T...

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Dark Void achieves liftoff, but doesn't exactly soar. 0

Dark Void is really a shame. This was a game with limitless potential, and while not a total disaster, it falls short in a bunch of ways. The world and its backstory are quite interesting, but you really only get bits and pieces when playing the main story. Seeking out all the journals helps to flesh it all out, but this is annoying and feels tacked on. And the journals are just text. It's like they looked at Bioshock, figured they could do the same, but it just doesn't translate.The beginning o...

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Has its moments, but feels incomplete and repetitive 0

 Dark Void was released in 2010 and developed by Airtight Games. The game mixes regular third person shooting with Crimson Skies like air combat, a previous game form Airtight Games. The story focuses around a cargo pilot that while traveling through the bermuda triangle got catapulted into a another world where he has to fight of on alien invasion that targets earth.The game starts out with a ridicoulus long installation routine, that for some reason took two hours here. Not sure what went wron...

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Dark Void (PC) Review 0

 In a time when the video game industry is seeing an abundance of games being re-skinned and thrown out the door in a new package as the next big thing, Dark Void is a nice, albeit ultimately flawed, change of pace. The game begins in the early 1930’s where our protagonist, Will Grey, is a cargo pilot who finds himself taking on a job couriering cargo for a lady friend from his past. It isn’t long before Will finds himself crashing his plane while flying through the Bermuda triangle, and awakeni...

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Dark Void is lacking, but still fun. 0

  I’d like to get a point across, and that’s that just because a game is rated 3 stars doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Dark Void is quite a fun game. The main reason Dark Void deserves a three star rating is because there isn’t enough content or diversity to justify the full retail price tag. Had this been a game that went for half the cost of the normal full price then I’d probably give it an additional star above what I’ve rated it now. Dark Void attempts to layer in a lot of dif...

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Dark Void review 0

Bland. There isn't really much else needed to say about this game. Let's see, it's set in the 30's, has Nolan North playing Nathan Drake again, only this time he's called Will, and it's a rip off the The Rocketeer. I will admit that amidst the really dull visual style of the game, I am enjoying the character models. There's a slight Disney-by-way-of-Unreal Engine element to their features that gives them a hint of exageration, mainly in the eyes. But wait, that isn't the only bright spot. The mu...

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“renting this tomorrow” 0

  When Dark Void was announced by Capcom, expectation where high.   What we had was a promise of an action packed third person shooter mixed in with some rockateer/crimson skies adventure, what we actually have here is none of the above. You take on the role of Will (voiced by Nolan North), a pilot on a routine air cargo flight dropped into incredible circumstances as he crashes in the Bermuda Triangle leading him to be trapped in the Void.   Let’s be honest here, the story is not very interes...

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An Apt Title for a Game Missing a Lot 0

DARK VOID REVIEW Posted by numbthumb originally at: DARK VOID REVIEW (360, PS3 & PC) The video game industry currently finds itself amidst a transitional period where the scope of appeal has been opened up for a more casual market, young and old. But without a doubt developers still know that the hardcore demographic, those males between the age of 15 and 27, are the ones that can be relied on to perpetually throw money into new software for their system...

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A decent jetpacking adventure 0

Dark void is a third person action adventure shooter flight sim hybrid. You play as Will, an unfortunate pilot who takes a trip into the void to find a resistance and a race of human killing robots.  The gameplay in Dark Void is basically split into two concepts, the jet pack flight stuff and the third person shooting. Let's start off with the flying, it's done pretty well here.  The controls could be tighter, but they hold there own. At first it can be frustrating trying to target the enemy air...

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Out of the darkness too soon 0

In 2003 Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge was released for the original Xbox. It was not a game that sold very well, but a game that reviewed very well and is considered to be something of a cult classic today. Flash forward seven years and Dark Void is released by Airtight games, a group comprised of many of the same people who developed Crimson Skies. The one thing that you can say about both Dark Void and Crimson Skies is that neither of them sold very well.  Okay, so this game is not very...

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Underwhelming 0

I picked up Dark Void for $10, and I think I may have overpaid.  There's nothing inherently wrong with the game, but it's so underwhelming that it doesn't justify it's existence.  It's a pretty standard third-person cover-based shooter with some arcade dogfighting mixed in.  The dogfighting is actually pretty fun once you get used to the controls, but the shooting is bland an unrewarding.  Your guns, even when fully upgraded, feel underpowered, and you can run through most of the campaign on a...

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Wish I could get back to the light. 0

Dark Void has one of those great concepts that makes you wonder why nobody has thought of it before: A cocky pilot crashes  This man nearly tore the earth in two. Respect him. his plane in the Bermuda Triangle and finds himself in another dimension in which Nikola Tesla wages a war against a species of interdimensional alien-esque beings. Tesla (being the mad scientist we all know and love) builds a jetpack for our pilot hero and...well, you can pick it up yourself from there. It's no sur...

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Underrated.. at a discounted price! 0

Dark Void, when trying to come up with the feeling I got from this game they are quite mixed. I thoroughly enjoyed portions of this game and other portions I found myself looking around for someone to punch.. but in the end enjoyment reigned supreme.To start off I will say it seems clear that the dev team decided to try take some of the pizzazz from the Uncharted series. Characters, scenery, voice acting, third person cover based shooter and a few various other things seem quite apparent from th...

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Dark Void Video Review 0

Technical issues and a very short story stand in the way of Dark Void shooting off into the stratosphere, but it is still enjoyable for what it offers. In the beginning there was fun. Then as time progressed that fun just went down and down, which is ironic seeing how Dark Void is all about high flying combat. The prologue sets the scene of what the game could have been but then strips the centre point of the game out of it and gives you a gun to play around with. Dark Void has the same p...

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Not quite the Dark Void i thought it was 0

 When I was younger my parents brought me too watch The Rocketman at the local cinema and from that day on it has been my dream to take to the skies free as a bird unencumbered by such trappings as wings or a cockpit, I can only imagine then that somebody at Airtight Games has had the same dream because their first foray into video games gives us just that. Dark void tells the tale of Will, a cargo pilot who is tasked with transporting some goods across the Bermuda triangle and subsequent...

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Dark Void Review 0

By - Craig H.Dark Void is a brand new IP from publisher, Capcom. This third person shooter adds new twists to the regular gameplay with a new combat feature called Vertical Combat and the use of jet packs throughout the campaign.Dark Void starts out with what seems to be a routine cargo flight that goes terrible wrong when the plane gets sucked into the Bermuda Triangle and the passengers are stuck in The Void. The void is the area between 2 planets which leaves all its inhabitants trapped. On t...

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Dark Void Review 0

Adding a jet pack to a video game can open the window to some innovative ideas and unique gameplay mechanics, just as long as there's enough game underneath to hold them.When a new game character comes around it's a chance for game designers to get crazy, there's no rules to follow about the world or its citizens, it's a blank page where anything is possible. In the case of Dark Void there sure is the feeling that the jet pack came first and then the world formed around it, but jet packs do have...

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