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If you need to play a time traveling game, go play Braid 3

  When you see a game from a developer who has no proven track record, you can feel a bit apprehensive in playing their game. In most cases this is a false feeling and instead the game is brilliant (see Spelunky). However in Darkest of Days that feeling is right on the money. Darkest of Days pits you as time traveling trooper, sent back in time to fix mistakes made in the time stream. You go back to various periods, most notably WW1 and the American Civil War to save people who weren’t supposed ...

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Darkest of Days 0

  I came to this game already writing the review in my head. I had seen what everyone else had said about it, I had played the demo and I had seen the screen shots. I was fully expecting to have this game anger and frustrate me and leave me wishing I had never played it. Amazingly, I was wrong. This isn’t to say that the game is not bad, because over whelmingly it is. It lacks in all the major categories that a game needs to excel in to garner any sort of attention, story, graphics, mechanics ...

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The Greatest Game of All Time 4

I have played a great deal of games and nothing will ever touch Darkest of Days, and one day into the future the world will recognize this piece of Interactive Art as well ahead of its time.As an art student, I have found that the metaphysical and symbolist merits of this Interactive Art, show it to be one of the very few in existence that could be measured purely on its artistic integrity and how it tackles subjects like faith, time, transcendence, and art itself in such a subtitle way as to be...

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A solid game that should NOT be missed 12

Allow me to start by saying that Darkest of Days is a solid tradiitonal shooter with terriffic voice work, engaging and fun action, some very good graphics and a fresh and cool story line. It is not a AAA title, but neither is it the piece of crap that Jeff would have you believe. In fact, Darkest of Days may be the freshest FPS I've played all year (and I play a lot of them). The weapons mechanics (new weapons in an old world) leads to terriffic shootouts, like using a future machine gun to mow...

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Historical Letdown 0

As a history buff I was somewhat looking forward to this game, the idea of a time travel game that had you using the weapons of that time period and participating in some of the greatest battles of that time. But like most ideas it comes out poorly, and this game has it in spades. This game suffers from problems involving the poor execution of the game-play, numerous plot holes, even glaring historical inaccuracy.This game starts off in 1876 at the Battle of Little Big Horn as a soldier in Gener...

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