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Overview / Releases

The forest
Darkwing Duck is another one of the very well made and very successful collaborations between Disney and Capcom ( Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers, Aladdin and more..) that had a golden era in the early to mid 90´s. Its based of the Disney cartoon with the same name and it feautures St.Canards dark superhero Darkwing Duck or Drake Mallard as his name is when its still daylight. The setting is pretty dark and can be compared to that of Batman but with alot of satire and humor thrown in.  Darkwing Duck was inspired by a couple of specific Duck Tales episodes and both Launchpad McQuack and Gizmo Duck appears in both series, the first one being a returning character in Duck Tales. A total of three seasons were made of the cartoon series with a total of 91 episodes.
Darkwing was a duck that really liked danger and darkness in a kind of tongue in cheek way and he often liked to say things like "Lets get dangerous" or "It´s gonna get scary big time!". The first release of the game was for the NES in 1992 and it was followed up by a Game Boy release a year later, in 1993.

Gameplay / Mechanics

I am Darkwing Duck!
The game plays pretty much like Capcoms classic super hit series Mega Man. Its an action platformer for the NES where you can jump and shoot (or both at the same time). Enemies are placed out in many different forms and shapes and often have patterns that will take away from your health. Platforming can often be very challenging and if you die you have to start back at the beginning of the stage again. Many would claim that Darkwing is almost a direct copy of Mega Man with many stages having similar themes and similar graphical design when compared to Mega Man or Mega Man 2 stages. At the end of every stage a boss from the cartoon awaits wich often takes some figuring out before killing. The stages are selected from a overview map of the city and they range from the heart of town to the outskirts.

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