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Quick Review- Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Who knew five bucks could get you so much zombie slaying action. First I need to clarify this is not only a measly "paid demo" as I've heard so many times. Sure It's short but it certainly has enough to keep you busy for a few hours and with a price tag at 400 MS points who can complain?

Well this game throws you in the shoes of Chuck Greene, a motocross professional trying to survive a zombie apocalypse in a town called Still Creek. His only company is his daughter Katie. Oh yea, did I mention she is infected? That is what keeps you on your toes throughout the time you spend in Still Creek. A new experimental drug known as Zombrex is the only way to keep her from turning into a flesh eating creature. Sure that sounds simple enough, but Chuck has to find doses of Zombrex scattered around to town and bring it back to Katie every 12 hours. Other survivors and what seems like a million zombies will stand in your way. This only adds to the fun as you find yourself trying to save other survivors and collect all sorts of items to use for all you zombie splattering tactics.  Along with the Zombrex, Chuck also need to locate 5 pieces of a motocross bike scattered in random parts of the town. This will allow him and his daughter to build a haggard bike to ride on their way out of the town before the military arrives and destroys everyone in their path. 

Item combining is definitely one of my favorite parts of Dead Rising. Find your self a hard hat and a few beer cans and you have yourself a beer dispensing helmet, and of course my all time favorite weapon sure to stir up a chuckle is the drill bucket. I'll let you figure that one out on your own. Others are far more easy to figure out, like the box of nails and the baseball bat. Trying to figure out the others without a guide was tough but after some experimenting you have yourself a pretty handy item.   

Short, sweet and a great teaser of things to come, Case Zero did not disappoint. I came into this while never playing Dead Rising 1 and I can say that I can't wait until the official release of It's sequel. Case Zero also allows you to level up to level 5 which will carry over into your DR2 save file when it is released!   
So what are you waiting for? Download it now. 

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