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Super criminal Simon Phoenix rules the war torn remnants of Los Angeles and it's time for Officer John Spartan to bring him to justice! Capture Simon and send him to serve his sentence frozen in a block of ice for all eternity. Pursue Simon again when he is unwittingly thawed out in a Utopian future free of crime! Can you catch history's worst criminal a second time with only the help of a lax and unprepared police force? Can you figure out how the three sea shells work!?

Version Differences

The Genesis and SNES versions of Demolition Man were wildly different from the Sega CD and 3DO versions.

Shooting scene from 3DO Version.

The 16bit version of the game contained two types of levels: side scrolling shooter missions and isometric missions in which John Spartan must rescue hostages. The 32bit versions of the game featured fully digitized character graphics much like the Mortal Kombat games. Sylvester Stallone himself also acted in the game, though clearly in front of a green screen. The levels varied from a shooter in the vain of Operation Wolf and the NES Punisher game, to hand to hand combat levels with Simon Phoenix that played much like a toned down fighter.

Fighting scene from 3DO

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