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For the pro gamer who loves being challenged

Demon's Souls is  not made for the average gamer. In fact most of the games on the ps3 aren't. The casual/average gamer term is used a lot now as many people who don't usually play games have wiis and are picking up gaming. This game is meant for people who love RPGs and have wanted to get sucked into mythical worlds like the ones in lord of the rings or doungeons and dragons. It also brings out enough difficulty to make it a challenge to even the most hardcore of gamers. Yet it doesn't make it boring with beautiful effects and a well created gloomy world. The game isn't perfect and has a few issues such as some aiming difficulty and framerate slowdowns, but if you've ever wanted to feel like an actual hero that saves a world yet still is human this is what you're looking for. I keep coming back to the difficulty, but then again it is the most obvious thing about the game. The dfficulty level will make you as angry at a game as when you had trouble beating mega man, mario, metal slug or figuring out how to beat all those puzzles in early RPGs . The game mixes this old school difficulty with new age graphics and gameplay to create an engaging experience that will push you to the edge trying to beat it, but will make you feel like a god of gaming after every level.


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