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The game that started it all! 0

Dungeon crawlers.  Action-RPG.  Hack-n-Slash.  This genre goes by many names these days, but it all started with just one game:  Diablo.This is the game that created an all new and highly addictive genre.  It is based around a very simple philosophy:  Kill monsters, get loot.  But the game is renowned for so much more than that.With random levels, random items and 3 distinct classes you would think that would be enough for any game back in 1997.  Wrong!  With Diablo, was launched.  A ...

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So addictive that it almost ruined my life! 0

Diablo. What can I say about this game. How about most addicting gameplay ever. How about most enjoyable leveling up ever designed. How about fantastically designed multiplayer (which is totally free by the way). How about a gaming experience so enjoyable that I almost flunked out of college because I played this game so much. How about greatest game of all time. Period.This game is so good, that it almost ruined my life because I would rather play the game than go to the college classes that I ...

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Ohm Sweet Oblivion 0

Pull it out, dust it off, and slide it in quietly. This Mother is going to be one hell of a ride before we shake hands with the devil. And eventually some of that sleek promise of dark will cool your back with memories and smiles.They cannot fool you with their jibs.And this is certainly not your sons game, Daddy. This one will be around for you when the nights get cold and dark. All you see are ashes, sit back and sip on the Whiskey that be Diablo....

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Still great, but showing its age. 0

I distinctly remember playing Diablo for the first time. I was in elementary school and for all my friends and I knew, Blizzard was the only company making games for the PC. We would schedule specific times when our parents would let us take over the phone lines and use our dial-up modems to play Warcraft II against each other. Diablo, however was a whole other story. As we clicked our way into the dungeon for the first time and encountered an imp, we were so overcome with the creepy music and...

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