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A good yet frustrating racer 0

Good racers really are uncommon on this generation, which is why, although I found it very shallow and frustrating, DiRT is a breath of fresh air. It tries nothing new, and doesn't have a lot of game modes, but its graphical polish, and excellent physics do make it worth while. Let's start off with the good, since there's a lot of it here. Graphically, DiRT is an unmatched powerhouse. The cars look absolutely incredible, and they shine absolutely perfectly in the gleaming sun, or in the soaking...

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A Diamond in the Rough 0

And here I thought I would never get into the modern racer. Attempts to get into the genre with Forza and Gran Turismo have left me non-plussed, but I think I have finally found my gateway into the genre with this rally racer by the name of DIRT.  I went without serious racers for a long time. F-Zero GX was (and may always be) my favorite, and I had never bothered to try anything in the Colin McRae series, not expecting it to play so differently from the many street racers that have hit consoles...

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It's actually as fun as it looks. 0

Some say that DiRT has too much racing and that the game takes so long to load you could down a pint and smoke three packs of cigarettes before it launches. All I know is that it's one extremely fun game and I have perhaps made the worst Top Gear presenter spoof of all time. But just like Top Gear, DiRT is something you can enjoy immensely. It has the looks and feel of a well formed game and leads to endless segments of fun. The graphics aren't stunning, but they are damn good and when you thi...

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Dirt - True Chaos on Wheels 0

DiRT has the it factor. DiRT is the kind of game that would be playing on an Xbox 360 kiosk that people would stop and take note of. DiRT really has that working in its favor even while other things aren’t quite flawless in the game.DiRT is a continuation of the Colin McRae series. Colin McRae has always been the dominant force in rally racers, and though DiRT continues on with that tradition, it definitely has a different feel then the rest of the series.When you fire up the game you are greete...

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Hold on i'm just cleaning my muddy vehicle 0

Colin Mcrae DiRT has been looking great from the trailers and it feels great too! From Codemasters who had recently made, lack of quality PURE, and also making GRID, it sticks to the 4 letter names. But this time it's far better than both of those games, you go through a pyramid of many events, that if you plpayed it straight would probably take you 3 hours to complete. It looks absoloutely great, the graphics are awesome, and so are the crashes. For once the computer drivers sometimes crash, wh...

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Dirt is a well rounded rally experience 0

There's a lot of off-roading to be had in Dirt. The Colin McRae series' first current-gen iteration keeps it's focus on traditional rally events, but a variety of alternative race types are readily available to prevent the content from growing stale. From enduring hill climbs to catastrophe-waiting-to-happen buggy corr races, there are a lot of viable race options to select from when you're exhausted of typical checkpoint rally events. The racing itself is solid. The handling successfully diff...

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Hang on, let me clear the mud out of my eyes... 0

Codemasters has been making quality rally racing games for years and having been a fan of Colin McRae Rally 3 in particular, I was looking forward to their latest installment in the series. I can't say I'm a fan of the sport since I don't follow it at all, but I love rally racing games because they throw something at you that other racing games like PGR, Test Drive, Need for Speed and GT don't... dirt, mud, gravel, snow, beat up tarmac and the kind of courses you don't see normally. It makes it ...

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Rally games are so much fun. 0

Well if there is one type of game that suits us gamers it has to be that of the Rally game. It’s been a bit of a drought on the Xbox 360 for Rally games and gamers everywhere have been hanging out for some time to get sideways on some gravel.     A stunning game to look at.  To start things off DIRT appropriately named for its muddy off-road racing is a title that most will be able to pick up with no trouble. There is no doubt about this game, it’s fun; and it’s fun for everyone. The controls ar...

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