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Not so epic, but not so bad 0

 What initially comes off as glorified product placement, Disney Epic Mickey is much more. Disney's attempt to make Mickey relevant to more than just kids by taking a step in the right direction, backwards in time. Walt Disney's first cartoon creation, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, is ruler of the world of forgotten characters, such as himself, and he wants Mickey to take no part in his world. Oswald is mad at Mickey for stealing his thunder after Disney lost the rights to him over 80 years ag...

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My Childhood's Working Overtime 0

 If you weren't such a troublemaker, Mickey, you could've saved us all a lot of trouble. I'm sorry, animatronic version of Donald, but I couldn't put you back together. I know it's unfair to you that I put animatronic Goofy back together instead, but if it's any consolation, I didn't put Daisy back together either. And not just because I couldn't figure out where her pieces were – I just didn't like her. So, my condolences for your extended stay inside a glass-covered pedestal for however longer...

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Not Exactly Epic but Epic Mickey Is Something Special 0

What happens when you have the works of Warren Spector mixed with our beloved Disney character Mickey Mouse? The result is a video game that may look familiar to fans of Spector's and Mickey's but at the same time, it's something completely different that takes you in a bizarre journey from start to finish.   "We're in game?" There is an essence of Warren Spector's work in Epic Mickey even though you don't see it visually. There are no upgrade systems like Deus Ex or stealthy combats ...

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Epic Mickey Not So Epic? 0

When I heard the words "Mario Killer" being tossed around about this game, I was of course skeptical at the very least, I mean  who hasn't said that about their platform before? But on second thought, I was like isn't Warren Spector behind this game? If anyone could deliver on the promise of a "Mario Killer" it would totally be the "genius" behind such critical acclaimed games as " Deus Ex" and " Thief" r...

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The best game on the Wii this year! 0

Scroll down to the bottom for the video review, otherwise read on.  Epic Mickey is the long awaited Disney video game designed to bring Mickey into the 21st century as a video game hero. The game boasts a dark story and choices with consequence. These features are intended to break through the barrier keeping licensed games from being anything more than mediocre. But are these features enough to let Epic Mickey shine? I'm here to find out.  The game starts off as a basic platformer. You run and ...

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Epic Mickey Review 0

Epic Mickey, from the man who brought you so much, Warren Spector, is a game in which you will be playing the role of Mickey Mouse as you try to save a world ravaged by evil with the help of a magic brush that can either shoot out paint or thinner. You will have to piece back what once was, and find away to return home.Graphically this game looks good for a Wii game, I really wish it was a PC game so that I can ramp up the graphics just a touch more, but this is a very well done, from a graphics...

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Sweet! 0

I need to get this one, this weekend or else!  It looks like Mickey does Super Mario Bros.  Lol!  But you need to check out this brand new game!

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More Like "So-So Mickey" 0

Being a fan of Mickey games, I got this the day I received my Wii as a Christmas present. I really liked the concept & I was anxious to try it out. However, I was misled by...*shudder*...FALSE ADVERTISING.See, according to everything I was reading online about it, Epic Mickey was promising to be an old-fashioned, N64-style platformer in the vein of Banjo-Kazooie or Super Mario 64. That couldn't have been further from the truth. Instead, it's just a bland game with some nice animation and int...

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Sub Par Platformer 0

Epic Mickey is nothing more than a few good ideas thrown into a sub-par platformer. Even with the vast catalogue of characters Disney has to o ffer, the world still seems really flat and uninspired. Pair this with the poor platforming controls, the wonky camera, and the over-simplified paint/thinner puzzles, and you have a bad game. The best part of Epic Mickey is the concept art, which shows us that this game could have had a cool style if taken to a slightly different direction    ...

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More Like epic Camera Malfunction 0

First off, let me say that I typically don't write game reviews. I usually don't feel the need to review games that I find "average".That being said, There's a reason I'm reviewing this game. Epic Mickey sits on a promise that it simply can't deliver on. The premise is you're a classic form of Mickey, and you sneak through a mirror into a sorcerer's home and basically muck things up for his model, unleashing the (evil) thinner all over his home for forgotten ideas/characters, dreams, which is ma...

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