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Mitchell was born in Vault 21. Soon after the vault had been opened, he left to become a travelling doctor with only the tools on his back and the nickname "mole butt" affectionately given to him by his younger friends from his vault childhood. As the years passed, Mitchell eventually returned to New Vegas and married his childhood sweetheart. Even later in his life still, he and his wife retired to Goodsprings, where he became the town's resident doctor.

It is not know exactly when his wife died, but Mitchell explains that they were going to go to California, but due to his wife's weakened immune system from living in a vault most of her life, she passed away while they were still in Goodsprings. Mitchell decided to stay in Goodsprings so he could always be close to his wife.

Saving The Courier

Doc Mitchell is the first character that you as a player will come across. You eventually learn that you were shot in the head, and the Doc fixed you up. Mitchell is like a tutorial starting guide, helping you through the process of creating your character from your strengths and weaknesses to even your personal appearance. He is a very generous soul, giving you his old Pip-Boy 3000 and a pistol, as well as letting you take anything from his house (a good idea for new starters as most of it can be sold on for a decent amount of caps). There are quite a few dialogue options for you to try out with him before you set out into the wide world, which helps you get a feel for the speech system.

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