lvl10wizard's DOOM (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Doom rocks, anyone who says otherwise will be banished to the sev

XBLA welcomes Doom to the 21st century and it's just as bloody as I remember it. Nostalgia plays a huge part in my high rating for this game because I love Doom and have done since the early 90's.

In this incarnation we have four episodes of demon ripping gorefest replete with severed legs and crucified corpses nailed to walls of flesh rendered lovingly in iconic now-retro graphics with an amazing midi-metal soundtrack. AWESOME. Once you get used to not being able to look up or down and you learn to tape down the run button so that you behave like an absolute maniac at all times Doom offers a great gaming experience even by todays standards. .

There's a multiplayer tacked on the end but it get gets clunky with all the lag and consequently the community isn't very active in online games. Who cares? It's Doom.

Bring on Doom 2 AND GIVE US A LEVEL EDITOR!!!! Wouldn't that be great ? Doom 2 with a level editor- sharing levels over Xbox Live. Littering your own version of hell with disembodied human limbs and populating it with ravenous Hell Barons giving the player only a pistol a beserk and a chainsaw to survive mwahahaha! I think i'm getting carried away. Play Doom.


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