Post your DOTA 2 Key Giveaways here

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#701 Posted by SomeguyJohnson (109 posts) -

I'd love to try it out if there are any keys out there

ID: Someguy Johnson

#702 Posted by ionkinetic (139 posts) -

I'm in the Giant Bomb steam chat giveing keys away the next coupel of hours

#703 Edited by Paradox_Player1 (3 posts) -

I was wondering if anyone has any extra Dota 2 key they will give me. My email is

Thank you

#704 Edited by ionkinetic (139 posts) -

@paradox_player1: I have send you some Dota 2, enjoy.

And I'll be in the GB Steam chat maybe the next four hours.

#705 Posted by kayletha (2 posts) -

If anyone would be so nice as to give me a key:

#706 Posted by HarryBosch (2 posts) -

Anyone has an extra key to give me?

#707 Edited by Andy94 (2 posts) -

Hey, if anyone has a spare key that would be greatly appreciated! thank you very much

#708 Posted by Wuddel (2302 posts) -

I still have plenty of keys, add me (same name) if you want them. Will not be reading this thread.

#709 Posted by Paradox_Player1 (3 posts) -

@ionkinetic: Thank you so much :) been playing non-stop!

#710 Edited by zombiepenguin9 (552 posts) -

I'd really like to get into Dota 2. Anyone have a spare key and ample generosity?

My Steam name is zombiepenguin9.

#711 Edited by TheDew (133 posts) -

I have 10 keys just collecting dust.. Add me on Steam ... mountaindew77

#712 Posted by Oojoker21298oO (2 posts) -

if anyone has a spare key please send it at <3 thanks in advance

#713 Edited by Atreyu117 (2 posts) -

I would love to get into this game if anyone has any a spare key

#715 Edited by blacksky21x (2 posts) -

can u give dota keys :) :)

edit:steam id-edward582

#716 Posted by maxB (334 posts) -

If anyone has a spare key email me


#717 Posted by xxchillinxx (3 posts) -

@midjet: Hi my friend, i would love a dota key if you still have any available. tyvm for you time. kevin

#718 Posted by xxchillinxx (3 posts) -

@vitor: hi i would love a key if you have any available still, tyvm for you time.

#719 Posted by ximageofdeathx (2 posts) -

Hellooooo! Same here, been playing LoL for awhile, wanted to play DOTA 2!!! If anyone has an extra key it'd be much appreciated, steam account nameeee: ximageofdeathx

#720 Posted by snigor (3 posts) -

Sent out invites to all who posted their email on the last page. Still have a few left, feel free to add me if you want an invite! -steam profile

Happy doters!

#721 Posted by Oginam (459 posts) -

@snigor: Still have any DoTA keys left?

#722 Posted by Starfishhunter9 (385 posts) -

look it up on google. There are plenty of bots with free invites out there they are almost giving it away.

#723 Posted by snigor (3 posts) -

@oginam: yeah, have 3-10 invites left(depending on how many of the ones I've sent to accepts their).

I also probably have 20+ on another account, and I bet everyone I know has a bunch of invites too.

#724 Posted by RupertTheBear (215 posts) -

LOL player looking for DoTA key steam ID is psn_wartribution

#725 Posted by clubbify (2 posts) -

Can someone kindly send me a dota2 key: Thanks so much!

#726 Posted by kickhan (2 posts) -

have 24 keys to give away

#727 Posted by LegendBL (4 posts) -

Send me PM if anyone have the key for giveaway. Thanks...

#728 Posted by AhmedGamal07 (2 posts) -

can any one give me dota key thanks

#729 Posted by LethalTeen (2 posts) -

Can anyone please give me a dota key? Been looking for a long time and can't seem to get one from anyone.

#730 Posted by pezzman (3 posts) -

hi, i've been waiting for dota 2 to go out of closed beta for months and months now, does anyone have a key i could have?

#731 Posted by pezzman (3 posts) -

hey i know i have only done like 1 post on this forum, but just been waiting for ever to get a beta key for dota 2, if you happen to have one, or know of someone who has, can i please have one steam now pezman555

#732 Posted by Batalskar (79 posts) -

Don't care if you are a newbie to GB or an oldie, I have five keys to give away. First Five to PM me with an e-mail or steam ID gets them. Go now.

#733 Posted by idznisalleh (2 posts) -

Anyone who willing to give a key?

#734 Edited by kishinfoulux (2787 posts) -

I've got like 10 keys to give away. However I'll say this. I see a lot of users here with like 1 or 2 posts. No offense, but I'd rather to give it to people who have been a part of the community for a while, as opposed to someone who just signed up for the possibility of getting keys. Shoot me a PM if you meet that description.

Also I'll be at work for the day/night so won't be able to get back to you until late tonight.

#735 Posted by Sikozu (4 posts) -

Can anyone send me a Dota 2 key, I want to give the game a try. Yes, I have made this account just for that, so if anyone is kind enough.. my email is


#736 Posted by kiimo112 (2 posts) -

hey, is it someone in here got 1more key to giveaway? if so my email is" " :))

#738 Edited by kkotd (333 posts) -

The game is out guys, you don't need a key anymore. Probably could use a lock on this.

#739 Posted by Chaser324 (7111 posts) -

Locking this down now that the Dota 2 beta period is finally over.


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