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Dr. Mario & Puzzle League is a Game Boy Advance compilation game that contains versions of both Dr. Mario and Panel de Pon (Tetris Attack or Pokémon Puzzle League in North America). Released in 2005, the game was developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. Unlike many other GBA games, Dr. Mario & Puzzle League has a demo version that can be downloaded to another GBA. The demo version for Puzzle League is identical to that seen in Nintendo Puzzle Collection, while the demo version for Dr. Mario has NES sound and less animations.


This version of Puzzle League is different from all previous versions.
Both games included on the cartridge are block-based puzzle games. The version of Dr. Mario is most similar to Dr. Mario 64. As colored pills fall onto the screen, they must be matched with germs of the same color (as well as other pills). Four germs and pills of the same color in a row eliminate those four. Puzzle League is a completely different version from all other versions released. It is most similar to the version that can be downloaded to the GBA with Nintendo Puzzle Collection. In Puzzle League, blocks are constantly approaching the top of the screen. Players must flip blocks to match up three or more in a row.

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